Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid are officially dating

Well, we didn't see that one coming..

Leonardo DiCaprio and GigI Hadid

Well, we didn't see that one coming..

It's been reported that actor Leonardo DiCaprio and model Gigi Hadid are officially dating.

Yep, you read that right.

This comes after the 47-year-old Wolf of Wall Street actor made headlines following his split from his former partner of four years, 25-year-old Camila Morrone, last month.

He's also dated stars including Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, and Blake Lively.

Gigi, who is 27, split from her former partner and the father of her child, Zayn Malik, also 27, last year. They have a daughter together, Khai, who is two years old.

The pair were first seen together earlier in the month (10th September) while attending a New York Fashion week party together. Hadid was in New York for work and walked the runway at VOGUE World alongside models including Kendall Jenner. 

Photos show the pair sat at the same table engaged in conversation.

Now, sources have told US Weekly that DiCaprio is besotted with the model and has "always had a soft spot" for her.

They said: "He thinks she’s beautiful of course but also a wise and cool character who’s got a very cultured and educated take on life."

The anonymous source confirmed that they are officially dating, going on to add that their "tonne of mutual friends" are "happy to see them together."

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A separate source told PEOPLE magazine that they "like each other and are having a good time," while a third described DiCaprio as "taken with Gigi," adding: "She is the type of woman he is usually attracted to."

Neither party has officially confirmed the romance yet.

If the rumours are true, this would mean that DiCaprio is dating someone over the age of 25 for the first time in his life. Last month following his break up from Morrone, memes circulated reflecting how the nearly 50-year-old actor has never dated anyone past that age.

Gigi is 27 years old, which would finally break the supposed streak.

What do you reckon? Are you here for the LeGi romance?

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