Best remote vibrators: 5 best to buy for partnered play, according to sex experts

Ready to let someone else take control?

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Fun fact: investing in one of the best remote vibrators is a great way to spice up your sex life. With all the stimulation of one of the best vibrators but powered with a remote control or an app, they're known for being amazing for partnered sex from afar.

While remote vibrators can be bullet vibrators, wand vibrators or rabbit vibrators, most are small — the benefit being that you can use them anywhere and everywhere. Yes, anywhere — people like to opt for remote vibrators as a way of enjoying sexual pleasure discreetly and in public.

According to a survey by Superdrug, people are keen to be turned on outside the bedroom. At least 56% of men and 43% of women admitted that the idea of having sex in public was a turn-on, and remote sex toys can be a great way to get the thrill without breaking the rules. 

"These compact, remote vibes are great to be worn in your knickers while out and about, and many are now connected to clothing with a magnet for security," says sexologist Ness Cooper

Not only can you be teased by a partner on the other side of the room, but some can also be controlled by partners on the other side of the world. Just place the device where you want it for stimulation and let them use an app for vibrations. 

Not sure where to start with the best remote vibrators? We asked the below panel of experts for their recommendations. Don't miss our guide to the best vibrators on Amazon, while you're here. Our pros include:

What to look for in a remote vibrator: 

  • Distance: The first thing to consider is how nearby or far away you want to be from the person controlling the toy. If you are the controller, then distance isn't a worry, but if someone else will be giving you pleasure then you'll need one to extend the distance  they'll be operating from next to you, another room or oceans away. 
  • Remote or app: Do you want to use a proper remote to crank up the vibrations using Bluetooth? Perhaps you prefer to discreetly press 'up' on an app on your phone? There's an option for everyone. 
  • Discreetness: Consider whether you need a toy small and sturdy enough to wear outside of the house or whether size doesn't matter. 

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How should I store my remote-controlled vibrator?

Good question - and this will depend on the toy you choose to invest in.

Nearly all will come with a detailed booklet explaining exactly how to care for your toy, including washing instructions. Similarly, most will come with a storage bag to keep your toy free from dust once cleaned.

As a general rule of thumb, keep your toys out of direct sunlight or in any extreme hot or cold temperatures.

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