Having sex daily ‘boosts men’s fertility’

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  • Sex every day is a must, claim scientists (the news every man wants to hear)

    MAKING LOVE ON a daily basis will boost men’s fertility, says new research.

    As the nation’s fertility levels drop and increasing numbers of couples have problems conceiving, having sex as often as possible could be the key to boosting the birth rate.

    When it comes to sperm, less sex may equal more production, but the quality won’t be tip-top.

    This is thought to be because sperm’s DNA becomes more damaged the longer it remains in the body, cutting the chances of fertilisation and raising the risk of a miscarriage in the first weeks of pregnancy.

    The findings, presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual conference, will be of particular significance to couples undergoing fertility treatment.

    Under present guidelines, couples undergoing the IVF process are told to abstain from sex for three to seven days before treatment, as it was thought to increase the quantity of sperm produced and therefore increase chances of pregnancy.

    But Australian researchers looking at the sperm quality of more than 40 men whose wives had either failed to get pregnant through IVF or had repeatedly miscarried, found that when the men had no sex for three days, their sperm contained high levels of DNA damage.

    Tested again after having sex every day for a week, the amount of damage dropped by a third.

    Dr Allan Pacey, a male fertility expert from Sheffield University and secretary of the British Fertility Society, said the research appeared to suggest that sperm sitting in the body accumulates damage as it ages.

    ‘If sperm is released in a steady stream, the sperm that is ejaculated contains newer and less damaged cells,’ he tells the Daily Mail.

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