Britons too tired to have sex

Tiredness is number one excuse for women

More than half of Britons in relationships admit to turning down sex with their partner due to tiredness (57.7%).

A new survey revealed that of the women quizzed, more than 45% said they use tiredness as their number one excuse for not having sex. However, only 19% of the men surveyed revealed tiredness as their reason for refusing knooky.

More than 31% of people answering the survey confessed that their sexual appetite is hindered by tiredness. 

The survey, by leading vitamin brand Pharmaton capsules – the only clinically proven vitamin and mineral supplement to relieve daily fatigue – asked over 1,400 UK adults about how tiredness affects their daily lives.

Other revelations include 11.3% of the married people surveyed saying that their wedding wasn’t worth the stress and tiredness it caused. The survey also revealed that more than 36% of parents admit that they sometimes resort to feeding their children takeaway food or ready-meals because they are too tired to cook.   

Dr Jas Kalsi, a GP, explains: ‘Exhaustion is very common, especially these days as people try to squeeze everything they possibly can out of life.’


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