A Slush Puppie maker exists so you can make your own delicious icy drinks

slush puppie maker

Summer is on its way, which means a number of things - cool summer dresses, chic sandals and Sicilian lemon flavour gin.

However, as temperature rises and you need something refreshing there's a strong need for ice cream. Whether you want to try the M&S Percy Pig ice cream, the retro sweet ice lollies or the new Twister flavour, there really is something for everyone.

Oh, and not to forget the pink ruby chocolate Magnum.

But if you want a cooling drink in the sunshine, what's better than a Slush Puppie? Not only will it transport you back to your childhood but they're also just as delicious as an adult (no, you're never too old for one).

Well, in news we didn't know we needed until now, you can create your own icy beverage at home with the Slush Puppie maker and what a dream.

The two most popular flavours are delicious blue raspberry or tasty red cherry, and now you can make your own from the comfort of your kitchen.

If you purchase your machine from Amazon, delivery is free and it'll set you back £49.99. Plus, it comes with the branded straws and cups so that you can really get nostalgic.

All you have to do is add ice to the machine, pop in a squeeze of your favourite syrup and it's good to go.

Sounds like the perfect way to chill out while soaking up the rays.

We know exactly what we'll be doing during the heatwave this weekend.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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