Pink ruby chocolate Magnums now exist and you'll want one even though it's cold outside

magnum ruby chocolate

It's cold outside, everyone is getting used to being back at work after a couple of weeks off and when it comes to planning nights out all we can say is JOMO.

However, despite the frosty temperatures, Magnum have released something so special that you'll want to eat ice cream in chilly January.

Enter the world's first ruby chocolate ice cream.

The innovative ice cream has been in the works for some time, putting a pink ruby chocolate twist on the traditional Magnum that we all know and love.

Ruby chocolate is the recently discovered fourth type of chocolate, after dark, milk and white. It boasts a completely different taste to your usual favourites, free from artificial colours and fruit flavourings but offering a berry fruitiness and fresh tangy notes (and, of course, it's naturally bright pink).

Now, Magnum has become the first ice cream brand to turn it into an chilled treat. Think velvety white chocolate ice cream, raspberry sauce swirls and coated in 'Magnum's signature cracking Ruby couverture chocolate' (sounds fancy).

You've also got three options - a single stick for £2, a pack of three for £3.69 and a box of six minis for £3.89.

They're already available to buy in supermarkets, including Tescos where you can pick up your very own in stores or online.

However, considering they are one of a kind and sound absolutely delicious we're sure they'll be flying off the shelves - so if you want to try it, you'd better be quick.


Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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