Pink prosecco is officially coming to the UK and we are so ready

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There are plenty of refreshing drinks on offer for gin lovers at the moment - whether you're keen to try the Gordon's mediterranean orange offering or the Sicilian lemon flavour. There's also a Lidl gin festival to try a variety of new tastes and Aldi has a range of botanical gins, too.

However, if you prefer your tipple a bit bubbly you'll be pleased to know that pink prosecco is on its way to the UK - and it sounds like a delicious dream.

The Italian government has given the green light to Prosecco DOC Consortium, the main producers in Italy, to start shipping the rosé fizz to us all. Hurrah!

Officially named Prosecco DOC Rosé, the beverage will be made with a Glera base (Prosecco grape) and between 10 to 15% Pinot Nero. The two styles will be Brut Nature and Extra Dry.

Italian wine producer, Bosco Viticultori, will be first to produce the pink sparkling drink, telling Drinks Business: 'We will be making pink Prosecco from the 2019 harvest, which will be bottled in December. There is a temptation to get the wines ready in time for Christmas, but it's better to take your time and make a quality product than rush it to market.

'We have to do what the market is expecting and everyone loves pale rosés. Our goal is to make a fruity Prosecco, but not a jammy one.

'Sparkling rosé can often be really heavy and something you're tired of after a few glasses. We want to move away from that and make something super fresh, which has been the secret to the success of white Prosecco.'

They are looking to produce 1 million bottles and will cost between £10 to £12.

We'll have to wait a little longer to get hold of a bottle, as they won't hit shelves until January 1st 2021 at the earliest - however, we're certain it'll be worth the wait.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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