Percy Pig muffins are coming to M&S and we are not worthy

percy pig muffins

With just over six weeks until Christmas, the countdown is on. It's not long until you can cross off the days with a wonderful advent calendar - be it a beauty advent calendar, cheese advent calendar or a wine advent calendar.

And if you're a big fan of Christmas snacks there are so many on offer at the moment. Whether you are after sweet treats (a Christmas Colin the Caterpillar is hitting the shelves) or something savoury (like Christmas crisps which include a Brussels Sprouts flavour), there's something for everyone.

Now, M&S is bringing something truly splendid to the table in the form of Percy Pig muffins - and they look outrageously good.

Fans of the chewy snack will probably be aware that there's a Percy Pig advent calendar on sale this year, but Kevssnakreviews spotted these delights and promptly shared a photo on Instagram which has had almost 2,500 likes so far.

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Percy Pigs fans were quick to comment, with one writing: 'Looks a delicious selection!'

Another said: 'OMG the Percy muffins.'

A third added: 'Ooh you can always count on M&S to deliver the goods.'

They're not the only things you can add to the table at your next Christmas gathering, either. You'll find some delightful Mr. Kipling Christmas cakes in your local supermarket this year, and you can keep your guests very happy with this six-litre bottle of Prosecco from Aldi.

So you're pretty much set for the festive season.

Start stocking up now so that when the time rolls around you're ready, as all of these goodies are sure to fly off the shelves. Who doesn't want these delicious snacks in the cupboard to nibble on while you're watching the Harry Potter films for the 293rd time this year? Or to impress your friends when they pop over for a mulled wine?

Merry Christmas, indeed!

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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