30 of the best jewellery gifts to give this Valentine's Day—from fingerprint-embossed necklaces to timeless gold hoops

For the magpie in your life

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I’ve been obsessed with jewellery for my entire life. A magpie through and through, one of my earliest memories is of gripping onto my mum’s ruby pendant so hard it fell off its sparkly gold chain. So naturally selecting jewellery gifts for loved ones is my happy place (especially my mum - I have to make up for the ruby necklace incident after all).

There’s a reason that jewellery is one of the most classic Valentine's Day gift options. Jewellery gifts feel both luxurious and thoughtful, they’re a small token that your loved one can carry around with them every day, thinking of you every time they put the piece of jewellery on. And let’s be honest, the smallest boxes usually contain the best gifts.

Team Marie Claire UK has compiled several curated edits of the best gifts to give this Valentine's Day, no matter who you’re buying for. From the best gifts for boyfriends and Galentine's gifts to the luxury gifts we'd choose if money was no object, and even the best Valentine's Day outfit ideas. But there’s something special about jewellery gifts.

Whether they prefer delicate or more statement pieces of jewellery, whether they’re team silver or gold, I’ve compiled a list of options to suit pretty much any giftee. Keep scrolling to shop them for yourself.

The best jewellery gifts to shop now:

Jewellery Gifts: Earrings

Jewellery Gifts: Necklaces

Jewellery Gifts: Rings

Jewellery Gifts: Bracelets

Jewellery Gifts: Watches and Accessories

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