I'm a fashion editor, and this is my trick to keeping capsule wardrobe outfits interesting

It's all in the accessories.

Capsule wardrobe accessories
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Here at Marie Claire, I have already waxed lyrical about the benefits of a capsule wardrobe. Creating a concise edit of classic wardrobe staples that can all be mixed and matched is undoubtedly the perfect way to take the difficulty out of getting dressed in the morning. 

For most people, a capsule wardrobe is generally made up of neutral pieces—think black, white, beige and denim—and while those create timeless combinations that can be worn for years, it can sometimes feel a little plain. However, that is exactly where accessories come in.  

From jewellery to handbags and even makeup, adding a few extra touches to your outfit can make all the difference in elevating a classic look to statement status. A pair of colourful shades can add an element of fun to your outfit, while a red lip can do wonders for making you feel put together (even in the most casual looks). 

Yes, when it comes to adding interest to your capsule wardrobe outfits, it's all about the accessories. Keep scrolling for my three top tips for keeping your capsule wardrobe outfits interesting. 

1. Jewellery makes a difference

Adding jewellery is the simplest way to add a little interest to your outfit. On days when I feel like my look needs some extra pizazz, I like to layer on a few necklaces, to create a mixed jewellery stack. A fun earring or statement brooch will have the same effect. 

Capsule wardrobe accessories

(Image credit: Future/ @zoepopi)

2. Add a pop of colour

When investing in a capsule wardrobe, many people tend to keep the colour palette relatively minimal. After all, this is the best way to ensure all your items can be paired together. However, that doesn't mean you can't experiment with a pop of colour every now and then. My favourite way to do this is to go for a fun, statement handbag or a vibrant knit

Capsule wardrobe accessories

(Image credit: Future/ @zoepopi)

3. A red lip can elevate almost any outfit

French women have been doing this for decades, but believe me when I say a red lip can make any plain outfit feel a little more glamorous. There is nothing chicer than styling a pair of straight leg denim, alongside a black blazer and finishing the look with a ruby red lip colour. It's ultimate in understated style. 

Zoe Anastasiou
Fashion Editor

Zoe Anastasiou is a Fashion Editor with over eight years of experience working across digital publications in New York, London and Australia. She has contributed to publications including Harper’s BAZAAR and ELLE Australia, and was the Fashion and Social Media Editor at Who What Wear UK before joining Marie Claire.