The Barbie movie is filled with this one designer brand and there's a very specific reason why

This Barbie has expensive taste.

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If you're one of the people lucky enough to have already seen the Barbie movie since its release on July 21, then you might have noticed something particularly interesting about the movie's main character...she is regularly dressed in designer wares, and more specifically, Chanel. 

From skirt suits to handbags, necklaces and earrings, Margot Robbie's 'stereotypical' Barbie character is laden with CC logos throughout the film, and as it turns out, that's no coincidence. 

Announced this week, Chanel revealed it had actually collaborated with Barbie on the film to provide five of the looks seen on screen. Of course, given that Margot Robbie is a global ambassador for the brand, the collaboration feels like a natural extension of her partnership with the storied French house.

In an exclusive interview, Margot Robbie spoke with Chanel about the collaboration, explaining, "The Barbie legacy is so intrinsically tied with fashion brands throughout history and wearing high fashion definitely feels right for the character." 

Robbie continued, revealing that she had the chance to wear some extremely iconic looks, including a Chanel tweed suit originally sported on the Spring/Summer 1995 runway by Claudia Schiffer. 

"There were some incredible outfits that I actually got to wear that Claudia Schiffer herself (who is kind of like a real-life Barbie) wore," Robbie said. "One of the archival suits that I wore had a little label on the inside saying "Claudia," and it was like "wow."'

Claudia Schiffer on the Chanel Spring/Summer 1995 runway

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Aside from this incredible tweed suit, throughout the film Robbie also sports a heart-shaped pink Chanel bag, as well as a logo-emblazoned Chanel necklace. The statement jewellery piece was also first seen on Chanel's Spring/Summer 1995 runway, modelled by none other than supermodel Shalom Harlow. 

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As a couture recreation of the faux costume jewellery, we'd wear as kids, the necklace features different coloured gemstones and intricately placed drop pearls. For the movie, the costume department added a large pink stone at the centre of the necklace elevating its statement status even further.

Evidently, audiences have been paying attention, as since the movie premiere searches for the Chanel accessories featured have skyrocketed. According to research conducted by Wethrift, searches for 'Vintage Chanel Necklace' have increased by +3000% since the movie hit screens, while searches for 'Barbie Chanel bag heart' have risen by +3950%. 

It's clear that Barbie and Chanel are a match made in sartorial heaven. If you'd like to emulate the look, keep scrolling to shop some Barbie-inspired Chanel pieces below. 

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