Emily in Paris fans have spotted a huge editing error - and you won't be able to unsee it

Oh dear...

Emily in Paris
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Emily in Paris season three hit Netflix in late December, and fans are still talking about the très dramatique finale. 

In less than ten minutes, Mindy caused carnage at the pre-wedding lunch by arriving in a helicopter and blowing every fancy French napkin into the bushes - and literally no one was mad about it. Gabriel, initially slow-moing around with Champére, went from soon-to-be Michelin star hero and husband, to dumped baby daddy. And Emily watched Alfie walk away for the last time because even he knew he deserved more. Sob. 

Aside from the fact that the bubbly marketing executive can somehow (heavy emphasis on the how) afford Balmain and Valentino but hasn't changed her phone case in years, viewers have noticed that there's something even more questionable than Emily's never ending pot of euros. 

One TikTok user @myfantastictravels noticed a pretty large continuity error in the latest season, and once you spot it you won't be able to unsee it. 

During the third episode of season three, Emily visits Madeline as she continues to weigh up her options - go back to Chicago for the promotion she has been working hard for, or stay in Paris and join Sylvie's start-up agency. She looks out of the window and takes in the gorgeous views of the city, the Eiffel Tower visible through the left window. 

However, as she continues to walk towards the balcony, the Eiffel Tower suddenly disappears behind a wooden panel and re-appears on the right. 


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The clip has been liked over 23,000 times, with comments ranging from: "Emily in Universal Studios" to "You didn't know? Paris has two Eiffel Towers!"

Others are convinced that actually, there is a mirror hanging on the left wall and that it isn't a window at all, therefore it's just reflecting the image of the landmark. 

What do you think? Simple a mirror causing chaos, or a huge editing mishap?

The jury's out...

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