This is how much Emily in Paris' lifestyle would actually cost

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Emily in Paris
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Emily in Paris season 3 hit Netflix in December, and fans are still in shock after that très dramatic finale. 

While the storyline definitely got people talking this series - viewers are in agreement that Alfie deserved better - it has also sparked a lot of questions. Should Camille have admitted to her own illicit frisson at the altar? When is Emily going to get a new phone case? And how can we cultivate enough confidence to wear latex in broad daylight on a first date, à la Mindy?

And while all of the above questions demand immediate answers, one thing that has been on fans minds since season one is how on earth Emily affords her lavish lifestyle. 

Can you really afford Valentino and Balmain, a cutesy Parisian apartment and endless alfresco wines on a marketing executive salary? 

Well, the experts at New Casinos have analysed the protagonist's lifestyle to determine her annual spending compared to her salary. They estimated her salary to be €45,251 (£39,063.65), and worked out just how much she is spending on rent, clothes, utilities, dining out, nightlife and coffee to see if the numbers add up. 

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How much does Emily in Paris' lifestyle actually cost?

The research confirms that Emily is pretty carefree when it comes to spending on luxury designers, spending around £63,853.73 annually (£5.3k per month) on clothes and accessories - Valentino, Prada, Christian Louboutin and Balmain, to name a few. In fact, she was also spotted in a Vassilis Zoulias yellow printed jacket in season two which costs an eye-watering £44k. Casual. 

In terms of rent, she's predicted to be paying £27,545.09 annually (roughly £2,295 per month) as her apartment is located in Place de l’Estrapade in the 5th arrondissement, near popular attractions like the Pantheon. Her utilities come in at £1,972.60 a year (£164 per month).

And what about socialising? All those outdoor lunchtime wines and nibbles add up. She spends roughly £2,693.39 a year on the assumption that she dines out twice a week. She's also spending £1,077.36 a year on nightlife with pals Camille and Mindy. So her social life is roughly costing around £314 per month.

Transport is also a cost to consider, especially seeing as Emily is constantly in taxis and dodging the Metro - making a £2,450.98 a year sized dent in her finances. 

And finally, coffee. Apparently she's spending £189.57 a year on lattes. 

So, on the basis that she earns around £39k a year, Emily's spending totals a whopping £99,782.72 a year to maintain her lavish lifestyle - which is precisely £60,719.07 over her annual income. Crikey. 

A spokesperson from New Casinos commented: "When it comes to our favourite fiction TV shows, we sometimes have to remind ourselves that it isn’t a reality. Emily in Paris is a show in which extravagance is at the core but it’s interesting to see just how unrealistic the luxurious living of Emily is. 

"The findings are a friendly reminder that her lifestyle isn’t exactly one to admire, given that her salary doesn’t cover half of her spending."

Well, now you know. 

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