Why Emily in Paris fans are all saying the same thing about Alfie

Season 3 was très stressful

Emily in Paris
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The new year is here, the wellness planners have been cracked open and we're all slowly trudging back into the office. But there's something about the end of 2022 that still has people reeling/talking/sobbing.

No, it's nothing to do with The Traitors or the fact that leftover sandwiches are on hold for another year. It's everything to do with Emily In Paris season 3

The show aired on Netflix in December, and it's becoming quite the festive tradition to sit on the sofa robotically eating Celebrations while binge watch Lily Collins and Ashley Park darting around the city of love in the most eye-popping outfits.

While fans have their beady eyes on every accessory (including Emily's iconic phone case), it's the plot that has really sparked some intense reactions. 

For those who haven't watched it yet (and the only question is: why?), look away now because spoilers

The last time we saw the social media/PR/marketing/who-knows-what-her-job-title-actually-is whizz, she was deciding whether to stay in Paris and work for Sylvie or return to the US with Madeline.

This season, Emily makes her choice - picking the sparkles of France and working on her relationship with London boy, Alfie. 

Despite their rocky moments, Emily seems pretty happy with the relationship while also maintaining a friendship with her former lover and current pal, chef Gabriel. 

However, by the time the finale rolls around, Camille is turning Gabriel down at the altar because she knows he loves Emily, and confesses that the only reason they're not an item is because of the pact they previously made. 

Obviously, with Alfie and Emily sat in the pews watching it all unfold, Alfie decides to leave - refusing to be Emily's second choice. 

Oh, and then it turns out that Camille is also pregnant. Quelle drama. 

But while processing the pure insanity that was the last ten minutes of the season, viewers are all agreed when it comes to one thing: Alfie deserved better. 

One fan wrote on Twitter: "I’m upset with how wrong they did Alfie in this last season of Emily in Paris."

Another added: "They did so bad with Alfie tho. The guy got caught in the mess he deserves better."

One also tweeted: "Emily in Paris should be called Cheaters in Paris bc nobody in this show is loyal except Alfie."

Another reads: "Adulthood is realising that Alfie is the best man on Emily in Paris. He’s emotionally available, invested, knows exactly what he wants, doesn’t hesitate to draw boundaries and well he’s fucking hot. Team Alfie!"

Do you agree? Did Alfie deserve better? Will you be holding out for an Alfie return in season 4?

Yes, yes and absolutely. 

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