So apparently these are the qualities you need to become a Love Island winner

Good to know...

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Good to know...

Love Island 2022 has been giving us all the drama we have been craving, with previous Islanders making surprise comebacks, an ex in the mix and one of the most dramatic Casa Amor re-couplings ever.

Now the final week is upon us (what will we do at 9pm now?) and fans are already predicting who will win - but what does the research say?

Apparently this is how you predict who will be dumped during a re-coupling and one ex islander has a surprising theory on who should win. But what we really want to know is - what makes a Love Island winner?

According to Paddy Power's latest research, there are six qualities that give a contestant the best chance of winning the cash prize and walking away from the villa with the crown.

So does it have to do with how many partners they have? Their job? Age? Hair colour?

Apparently, it all plays a part. After analysing contestants from all previous seasons, Paddy Power came up with the following.

Here's what makes a Love Island winner...

The boy with the best chance of winning the Love Island crown:

  • Aged 23
  • Works in sport or manual labour
  • Brunette
  • Enters the villa in week two
  • Only one partner
  • Stays loyal in Casa Amor

Sound like anyone? Jacques would have had the best chance of winning with four out of the six winning qualities. The brunette 23 year old entered the villa in week two as Gemma Owen's rugby player ex.

However, he didn't stay loyal during Casa Amor and dramatically left the villa before having a chance in the final.

And it seems that they could have potentially walked away with the £50k prize money as his partner Paige also seems to have the best chance of winning according to the research...

The girl with the best chance of winning has these six qualities:

  • 24 years of age
  • Works in fashion or beauty
  • Also brunette
  • An original from week one
  • Has two partners throughout the experience
  • Stays loyal during Casa Amor

So, who does that leave as the couple most likely to win?

Although Davide only has one of the six qualities with his brunette hair, the self-titled Italian snack still has a chance of winning.

The research reveals: 'Despite featuring a predominantly English cast each year, a third of all winners have come from elsewhere in the UK, or beyond – such as Liam Reardon’s hometown of Merthyr in Wales, and Paige Turley’s Scottish home of West Lothian.'

Four of the previous female winners have worked in fashion and beauty, with ASOS buyer Millie winning the show last year.

Paige is 24, brunette, an original from week one and definitely stayed loyal in Casa Amor, and Adam Collard as her second serious partner could be a winning duo. Although he has arrived later than the week two ideal, so did previous winners Greg O'Shea and Calum Best - so who knows what could happen?

Oh, and their star signs might have something to do with it too.

The countdown to the final is on - what are your predictions?

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