Why the internet is convinced that Paul Mescal and Gracie Abrams are dating

Is this the celeb couple of the summer?

Paul Mescal is rumoured to be dating Gracie Abrams
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Paul Mescal's romantic life drums up more online interest than Connell's chain - and that had it's own Instagram following of 133k thirsty fans, so it's definitely saying something. In recent months the actor has recently been linked to The Bear star Ayo Edibiri, as well as Hollywood darling Natalie Portman, but the internet is now convinced that there could be another romantic interest that we've all missed.

The Normal People star was spotted in London over the weekend where he enjoyed a cosy dinner date with none other than US singer songwriter, Gracie Abrams. The 24 year old - who is also the daughter of Star Wars director J. J. Abrams - has most recently been touring with Taylor Swift as part of her Eras Tour, and is set to become one of the biggest stars of 2024.

Paul and Gracie were seen eating at BRAT restaurant, with onlookers seemingly taking covert photos of them together. In the images, obtained by TMZ, the two can be seen chatting, with one picture showing Paul reaching across to touch Gracie's face.

Fans quickly took to X (formerly Twitter) to share their thoughts, with one person writing: "Me when i realize i’m not an indie singer songwriter so Paul Mescal won’t give me a chance."

Another wrote: "PAUL MESCAL AND WHO??"

A third added: "If i had a nickel for every time Paul Mescal dated an american singer who opened for taylor swift, i would have 2 nickles. which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice."

Paul been notoriously private about his personal life since he shot to fame, and in the wake of his split from singer Phoebe Bridgers in 2022 he said that 'it's the entitlement to the information' about his relationships that makes him feel uncomfortable. However, earlier this year he did share his very unusual (but relatable) dating ick in a video clip. Explaining what could put him off a potential partner, he explained: "Do you know what gives me more of an ick, because I think we all do it, is if you were like, "Oh, I'm just gonna go down and turn off the lights." And they're being all chill and then you hear them accelerate up the stairs because they're scared. Because I think we'd all do it. But I think if I was trying to impress someone I'd, like, smoothly walk up the stairs..."

Well, now you know.

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