This is the most popular hair colour trend on Instagram

And it's pretty magical...

silver hair trend
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And it's pretty magical...

If you’ve seen a new hair trend pop up in your Instagram feed, chances are if you’ve noticed it, it’s already a thing.

We’ve seen the rainbow hair trend come and go, plus the secret hair colouring trend the celebs don’t want you to know about. And of course we’re still ALL obsessed with balayage. But the latest hair colour to take over the ‘gram isn't an easy one to pull off.

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But Instagram has spoken - and with well over 1 million posts for #silverhair it’s clear to see that this is THE colour to go for 2018. Inspired by a list of celebs (you'll be shocked to find out how long Kim Kardashian's hair takes), who have all embraced the metallic grey colour, more girls have taken to Instagram to share their unicorn-esque manes.

And how is silver hair different to the grey hair trend? Well, the silver tone is lighter (so pretty much your top level of peroxide) and it appears more shiny. Sometimes it's mixed with a tiny bit of purple or blue colouring to give it that extra mermaid vibe.

If you’ve decided silver hair is a bit of you, be prepared for a LOT of upkeep. While dark roots do suit the silver style, we’ve got the best purple shampoos to keep your locks as icy as Frozen's Princess Elsa.

So, what do you think? Will you be booking your next appointment for a silver mane makeover, or leaving the Instagram professionals to it?

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