The secret hair colouring trend celebs don't want you to know about

Because it's so natural, you wouldn't even guess it's been dyed. Magic.

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Because it's so natural, you wouldn't even guess it's been dyed. Magic.

Words by Lexxi Davis

The latest hair trend that's secretly becoming a favourite with every A-Lister; is one we just had to share.

And it's called 'smudging'.

We went to celeb hair hero, Sam Burnett's central London salon, Hare & Bone to find out what all the fuss is about...

Hair trend smudging

Hare & Bone

So what is smudging?

The idea is you can't see where the colour starts and stops. Pushing balayage forward, it's a bit bolder and more of a freehand technique - merging two or more colours together with a 'smudged in' effect.

You can smudge the multi tones in the bottom of the hair (on your ombré line), or even bring the colour up the front to lift around the face. But it's basically the ultimate saviour to hide any sign of the dreaded root stripe.

Benefits of the smudging technique 

The main benefit is that it's really individual, it works on blondes, brunettes and redheads so it's a really bespoke colour for each person. It can be done in such a way that it's really low maintenance, which is what everyone want these days - easy colour that lasts!

You can do it with subtle everyday colours but you can also get creative with smudged in bright tones too.

Why choose smudging over balayage?

It's a lot more creative than balayage and again very bespoke to your own colouring. So if you want something a little bit bolder, but still makes people think 'how did she get hair like that?', then smudging is the style for you.

Who does it suit best?

It really does suit every hair type. From dark afro, to light poker straight, short or long - it's one for everyone.

With long hair (both curly and straight), the light and dark tones gives the hair lots of texture and gives a flawless look that is both natural and striking.

With shorter hair it gives more texture, so by smudging lighter shades though, it creates depth to even the shortest of pixie cuts.

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For blondes

Going for darker and warmer tones with cleaner base, gives a glossy natural look, or can even be done with pastel shades for a super playful feel - perfect for festival season.

Amanda Seyfried is the ultimate smudging icon, always looking effortlessly polished.

For brunettes

Playing around with different browns, gives brunettes a more tonal look. 'You would never smudge blonde into brown hair,' Hare & Bone's Master Stylist, Chloe Ascott tells us. So always staying in the same family of colour range is essential for this hair trend.

Nobody does flawless 'I woke up like this' hair like Alexa Chung and her hair is all about that smudged in style of colour.

For redheads

Again, staying in the same colour families is key, adding that lightness and darkness, but keeping to warmer tones. Adding in brighter copper tones for more impact.

Amy Adams is the queen of the natural and glossy smudged in strawberry tones, she takes it both to dark and light extremes, while still looking natural.

Post smudging upkeep

With the same idea as balayage, Hare & Bone suggest a top up every 6 weeks to maintain the base tone, but if your roots naturally blend, you can leave the 'smudged' pieces as long as they're there. 

So the up keep is super minimal - great news for girls who don't want to be in the salon every month for a touch up.

We don't know about you, but we're 100% sold on smudging.

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