A celebrity manicurist just told me 'quiet luxury' nails will dominate the rest of 2023

Stealth wealth is making its way to our nails

Tamara Kalinic wears quiet luxury nails, white wavy neck top, a beige long trench coat, a blue denim short skirt, a gray taupe Birkin handbag from Hermes
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The concept of 'quiet luxury' is everywhere right now. Earlier this year, we saw Gwyneth Paltrow adopt the stealth wealth look in the courtroom, we saw Hailey Bieber adopt it at Coachella and, more recently, we've even seen Kylie Jenner pick up on it. And it turns out, when it comes to the biggest nail trends of the year, our manicures aren't exempt from the influence of quiet luxury or stealth wealth, either. In fact, earlier this week, I sat down with celebrity manicurist, Iram Shelton, at my favourite beauty spot in London, the Bvlgari Spa (she currently has her residency there), and she told me that quiet luxury nails are destined to rule the rest of 2023. 

If you're not yet familiar with the term 'quiet luxury' or 'stealth wealth', let me explain. Essentially, the trend is the antithesis of logomania and over-the-top displays of wealth. While A-listers like the Kardashians have long set fashion and beauty trends focussed around wealth displays of grandeur (think handbags emblazoned with logos, macro-length nails and intense make-up looks that can only be achieved with a glam team), quiet luxury is about embracing an understated 'richness'.

I'll admit, the term sits slightly uneasy with me—it's steeped in the concept of old money, hierarchy and social class. But on a shallow level, I'm here for it—particularly when it comes to beauty trends. Quiet luxury beauty is all about looking understated but polished—think glowing skin, minimal make-up and simple slicked-back buns. And now, it's taking over the nail world, too.

When I asked Iram what she deems to be the biggest upcoming nail trend for the rest of 2023 she said there is only one that really matters. "It's quiet luxury. It's everywhere right now," she said. "It's about understated, clean looking nails. Think milky manis (like the one Sofia Richie wore on her wedding day), classic French manicures, nudes, browns and even a return to red polish."

So there you have it, outlandish nail art is on the decline and classic polishes are back for 2023. Keep scrolling to shop some of the best quiet luxury nail polishes out there.

Shannon Lawlor
Executive Beauty Editor

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