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Lob hairstyles are the perfect length cut, and we have the proof

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  • For the uninitiated, lob = long bob

    Lob hairstyles have been the millennial style-of-choice for a few good years now, championed by celebrities like the great Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Olivia Munn.

    On the radar of beauty editors everywhere, it’s the obvious choice if you’re looking for a high-impact, on-trend new ‘do. Think bob hairstyles, but better (and slightly longer)

    So,what do you need to know about lob hairstyles before you take the plunge? We asked Maria Galati, Editorial Specialist at Taylor Taylor London, all the Qs you’ve been seeking the answers to.

    Keep reading to find out everything from what you should be asking for from your hairdresser, to how you can style it on the regular. We’ve got you covered.

    What is a lob hairstyle?

    First and foremost, the lob is a great option if you want a new look but aren’t quite ready for a shorter, choppy bob. It sits on the collar bone or just skims the shoulders.

    The hair should be very slightly longer at the front with more layering behind, giving a subtle, heavier effect through the back.

    Which face shape is best for lob hairstyles?

    Lob hairstyles are suitable for all face shapes and textures, which is what’s so great about them. Oh-so versatile. Your stylist will recommend the perfect products and the right length for you – the small details are what’ll make the style individual to you, after all.

    After that’s done with, your stylist will also recommend a couple of different easy, quick styling methods to keep your lob looking its best, whether you’re styling for a round, oval or square-shaped face.

    It is essential to have a full consultation with your stylist before getting the lob so they know what they’re working with before cutting in your lob. Determining ‘lob or no lob’ depends on your daily routine. How much time do you have to style it in the mornings? Do you blow-dry or air dry your hair?

    How to style a lob and keep it healthy

    It’s good to trim your hair often with the lob (every six to eight weeks is the optimum) to keep it the perfect length.

    The biggest selling point here is the style’s versatility – it requires little to no work on the days you want a more natural look and can be tonged and styled with the help of your best hairspray for something more glam at night time.

    It can be pulled back into a tiny low ponytail for those gym days and it’s also one of the few hairstyles where moving your parting around is totally cool; it should stay symmetrical but can be worn with a low side parting and one side tucked behind the ear if you fancy a switch-up.

    Keep scrolling for the best celebrity lobs to take to the salon as a guide, stat.

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