Princess Charlotte is set to inherit this hugely iconic title

But it all depends on her father, Prince William

Princess Charlotte duchess
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Princess Charlotte has firmly established herself as one of the most popular members of the royal family at just eight years old. 

The little royal, who is often dubbed the late Queen Elizabeth II's doppelgänger, is known for her love of very sophisticated snacks and her signature sass which landed her the nickname 'Warrior Princess' at school

Over the years, Charlotte's cheeky personality has amused royal fans - from how she responds to aides to Princess Kate calling her daughter 'the one in charge' when it comes to her and her brothers, Prince George and Prince Louis. 

Needless to say, when she was spotted instructing her older brother George on royal etiquette last year, Charlotte showed the world that, true to her mother's words, she is already very much a leader within the royal fold. 

While George has only recently started to learn what his future as King holds for him, many have wondered if Charlotte will inherit any important roles or titles as she gets older. 

Princess Charlotte will never be a Duchess due to the fact that Dukedoms are only given to male descendants, but that doesn't mean that she will go without. In fact, she is set to take on an iconic and important title in the future. 

When her father Prince William one day becomes the monarch, she is expected to be in line for the Princess Royal title. It is currently held by her great-aunt, Princess Anne, as it is reserved for the eldest daughter of the sovereign and was bestowed to Anne by the Queen in 1987.

As the Prince and Princess of Wales' only daughter, it is believed that Charlotte will inherit the Princess Royal title when Anne passes and William is the King. 

Royal author Duncan Larcombe told Town and Country magazine: "The title of Princess Royal is traditionally bestowed on the eldest daughter of the monarch.

"It is a title that remains for life, so Princess Charlotte will have to wait at least until the death of the current Princess Royal."

Other royal experts have claimed that Charlotte may not wish to have the title at all, and may instead choose to become a 'working women' within a more modernised monarchy. 

Royal correspondent Jennie Bond told OK! magazine: "I think we will be in a very modern era when the time comes. I question whether Charlotte will want to be burdened with more titles. She might be a working woman by then. Things could change so much in the next generation.

"The natural option it would seem to me is that she might become Princess Royal. That's the much more traditional route that the eldest daughter becomes Princess Royal so if I was going to put money on it, it would probably be that. But I also think that she might just feel she wants to remain as just Princess Charlotte."

Well, we'll have to wait and see! 

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