George and Charlotte's unusual nickname for William is actually hilarious


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Royal fans will know that members of the monarchy have some sweet nicknames for each other. Yes, they might have to follow traditions and etiquette that wouldn't quite translate to our every day lives - such as curtseying to one another and walking down stairs in a royal-specific way - but they also like to give one another fun pet names, too. 

Kate Middleton reportedly has a 'naughty' nickname for her husband, Prince William, and the Prince of Wales used to have a brilliantly unpredictable name for his grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II

Over the years, we've also learned that Prince George calls his dad 'pops' and Princess Charlotte calls him 'papa'.

However, it turns out that George and Charlotte also have another name which they use to refer to their father - and it's actually very funny. 

TV chef Ainsley Harriott has revealed that he knows what the little royals call Prince William, and they find it 'hysterical'. 

Discussing a conversation he once had with Radio 1's Greg James, Ainsley said that they were joking about cooking a fish while in the bath. 

He told The Sun: "Greg asked, 'Could you cook a fish in the bath?' 

"I said, 'Yeah, if it's a little bit of seabass or plaice or something like that.' You wouldn't want a thick bit of fish because it wouldn't poach.

"Anyway, apparently Prince William and Kate were taking George and Charlotte to school and they found it hysterical."

William later told Greg that the kids 'loved it', and Ainsley tweaked his famous 'Why hello there, Jill' catchphrase to 'Why hello there, Will. Poachy, poachy poachy.'

Apparently, the two little ones have now taken to using it at home. 

He added: "George and Charlotte now call their dad 'Poachy'. Isn't that sweet and so lovely?"


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