According to royal experts, now is a turning point in Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte's relationship

The Princess of Wales holding Princess Charlotte as they arrive in Warsaw, Poland
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Princess Charlotte is quickly becoming one of the most popular members of the royal family, with her exciting future title, surprising school nickname and unusual food preferences making her headline news on the regular. 

She has been most talked-about this year however for her elevation in the royal fold, even making her first solo official appearance without her brothers last summer - accompanying her parents Prince William and Princess Kate to watch the Commonwealth games in Birmingham.

It was at this very sporting event that royal experts spotted a turning point in the Princess of Wales' relationship with Princess Charlotte, with body language expert Judi James speaking to Express about the interactions between the mother and daughter, and how they have changed.

"Kate goes to great lengths here to engage and inform her daughter Charlotte," she explained. This is reportedly done through "some very expressive gesticulation in what looks like a bid to build her enthusiasm, anticipation and excitement for the sport they are watching.

"But judging from Charlotte’s facial expressions and body language, Kate could soon become redundant in this role and start just to sit back and relax in public, as Charlotte looks the most enthralled member of the entire royal party."

She continued: "There’s a point in every parent-child relationship where there is a sense of friendship growing out of the nurturing role."

The turning point is a positive one in Kate and Charlotte's relationship, said James. It means a "growing sense of like-minded enjoyment" between the mother and the eight-year-old.

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte smile as they arrive at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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James continued to examine the Princess of Wales' body language, explaining that Kate leans into Charlotte to communicate and "her eye-checking suggests she is still on hand to nudge or inspire if necessary."

This turning point in their relationship shows that they are enjoying and "watching as equals."

It certainly seems to be working, with the expert going on to note Princess Charlotte's confident body language as a result.

"Her eye contact with the competitor shows little sign of shyness now," reported James. "And her smile is looking natural and relaxed, as though she is happily getting the hang of her meet and greets."

Well, this is lovely.

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