How to do festival dressing like a supermodel

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  • How do supermodels manage to look so damn good at festivals?

    How do supermodels manage to look so damn good at festivals? They’re covered in mud, just like us. Their hair is matted and dry (yet also, ironically, greasy) just like ours. They’re wearing the ultimate leg-shortening footwear, wellies, just like us. And yet they manage to own it, to style it out with the kind of elegance and beauty that means you’d never write them off as someone who’s just ‘showered’ with baby wipes.

    We’re pretty obsessed with what Kendall, Cara, Gigi and co. have been wearing to festivals over the last few years, and now, ahead of Glastonbury this weekend, we’re decoding their winning festival fashion formulas to copy ourselves.

    The shoes
    So working from the feet up, the supers tend to run with one of three shoe styles – a kick-ass pair of track-sole boots, some retro trainers (we’re looking at Suki Waterhouse in her Reebok Classics), or the ultimate, Hunter wellies. Key thing to note? Not even Kendall Jenner’s trying to run in the mud wearing heels. Save your efforts, people.

    The clothes
    Next, it’s all about showing some leg. Sparkly minis, printed playsuits, tiny denim shorts… it’s all about balancing the chunkiness of the boots with skin, ya see. Then add some layers – leather jackets, knotted denim shirts, classic macs, anything to counteract the now quite chilly leg situation you’ve just created for yourself.

    The accessories
    Pile them on. All of them. Think what would Alessandra Ambrosio do? The answer is aviators, layered necklaces, arm parties, fringed satchels, the works. Anything goes as long as it’s not a cliché floral crown.

    The muse
    Of course the ultimate, the one that all other supers cite as their inspo, is Kate Moss. Mossy’s festival style has been setting the tone for all who follow since the early 00s – she invented the whole denim shorts and Hunters uniform.

    The mud
    Some supers, naturally, choose to stay out of the mud, because, ew, and all that. But others embrace the full festival experience, wallowing in the sodden Glastonbury fields and getting down and dirty with the best of us. These are the supers we love the most. Kate Moss, we follow your muddy lead.

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