This is what H&M really stands for

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  • It makes SO much sense

    From how you correctly pronounce ASOS to why Ray Bans are called that, it seems we learn something new (and totally obvious, let’s be honest) every day in the fashion world.

    Today’s lesson: what the letters H and M actually stand for. As in H&M, our favourite Swedish high street fashion store (that’s until Arket launches that is).

    The more in-the-know of you will know that it’s short for Hennes and Mauritz. But do you know what they actually mean?

    Let us explain: when the store was first launched in 1947, it was just called Hennes, which is the Swedish word for ‘hers’. Why? It only sold womenswear at the time.

    Fast forward to 1961, and the store bought another brand, Mauritz Widforss, which sold hunting and fishing gear. Random, we know.

    Thus it became Hennes and Mauritz, and branched out into kids and menswear.

    But the store only took its abbreviated H&M name in 1974, and all the shops got rebranded.

    Now you can feel super smug next time the subject comes up.

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