New Dove viral film campaign

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  • WATCH Dove's new film campaign illustrating pressure on girls to achieve beauty perfection

    BEAUTY BRAND DOVE have launched their latest campaign. The viral film is entitled ‘Onslaught’ and highlights the ambush of unattainable beauty images that young girls are exposed to.

    The film shows a young girl being assailed with hundreds of images of female perfection in an aim to highlight the need for a ‘wider definition of beauty in our society’ and the enormous pressure on girls to aspire to unrealistic images portrayed in the media.

    The Dove Self-Esteem Fund revealed that British girls between 11 and 14 years old are exposed to an average of four advertising images of digitally enhanced women, every day. With 1.8 million of the UK population in this age category, that’s a huge seven million enhanced beauty images inundating them every day.

    77% of the girls polled said they felt fat, ugly and depressed when they see celebrities and models in the media.

    The film finishes by calling on parents to communicate with their daughters to encourage them to grow up with a stronger sense of themselves.

    To watch the video click on the play button below:

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