From Oslo to Everest - these are the most popular travel-inspired baby names right now

Jet setter parents - these are for you

Travel baby names
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New parents often struggle to find the perfect baby name. With so many lists out there - from the luckiest baby names to the most 'beautiful' baby names according to science - it's no wonder that many are turning to more unique monikers for their little ones. 

Apparently, this year will see a huge rise in 'main character energy' baby names (think Thor and Villanelle), while food and drink inspired baby names are also gaining traction - so you might start hearing 'Kale' and 'Strawberry' being called in the playground over the next few years. 

But if you consider yourself a bit of a jet setter, you might want to think about travel-inspired baby names for your bundle of joy. 

Online travel agent Eshores decided to investigate which location-based names are topping the lists at the moment. They used data from Baby Center to determine which popular 2022 and 2023 names also happen to be countries, states, cities and towns. They then compiled a list of 40 monikers that are proving very desirable right now - and there are definitely some surprises in there. 

A number of unique geographical baby names made the list - including Ireland, Bristol, Berlin and Camden - with favourites like Brooklyn and Savannah retaining their popularity. 

And which name came out on top? It turns out that there was a surge of baby Austins in 2022. 

While Austin is the capital of Texas, USA, it could also be down to a certain BAFTA-winning Austin Butler and his stellar performance in Baz Luhrmann's Elvis.


Travel-inspired baby names

If you're keen to know which travel-inspired baby names made the cut, take a look at the most popular monikers below. 

For anyone who considers themselves a bit of a jet setter, this one's for you.

What are the most popular travel-inspired baby names right now?

  1. Austin – 543,200 babies 
  2. Brooklyn – 337,960 babies 
  3. Savannah – 241,360 babies 
  4. Dakota – 192,500 babies 
  5. Adelaide – 188,720 babies 
  6. Phoenix – 148,120 babies 
  7. Paris – 144,760 babies 
  8. Camden – 98,700 babies 
  9. London – 96,460 babies 
  10. Rhodes – 49,280 babies 
  11. Everest – 49,280 babies 
  12. Devon – 49,280 babies 
  13. Milan – 49,280 babies 
  14. Cali – 48,160 babies 
  15. Nola – 48,160 babies 
  16. Florence – 48,160 babies 
  17. Sydney – 48,160 babies 
  18. Bronx – 48,020 babies 
  19. Kent – 48,020 babies 
  20. Rio – 47,460 babies 

Want even more location-inspired baby names? Take a look at the names that also made the top 40... 

  1. Geneva – 47,180 babies 
  2. Alaska – 47,180 babies 
  3. Denver – 46,620 babies 
  4. Bristol – 44,520 babies 
  5. Sierra – 41,020 babies 
  6. Rome – 239,760 babies 
  7. India – 33,180 babies 
  8. Vienna – 31,360 babies 
  9. Egypt – 29,680 babies 
  10. Holland – 29,680 babies 
  11. Boston – 25,900 babies 
  12. Asia – 25, 340 babies 
  13. Raleigh – 16,520 babies 
  14. Arizona – 15, 680 babies 
  15. Ireland – 11,340 babies 
  16. Kenya – 10,360 babies 
  17. Oslo – 5,180 babies 
  18. Berlin – 3,360 babies 
  19. China – 1,680 babies 
  20. Cyprus – 1,680 babies

So where exactly does this emerging trend come from?

Michelle Giordano (MS), a Community Counsellor with a background in sociology, explains: "People often name their children after places they have a personal connection to, such as a favourite vacation destination or a city they lived in. Naming a child after a place can also reflect a family's cultural heritage or a desire to pay homage to a specific place or culture.  

"Over time, travel-name trends have evolved to reflect changing cultural influences and travel experiences. For example, popular names like Paris and London were once associated with sophistication and glamour, but in recent years, names inspired by exotic and far-flung destinations have become more popular. This reflects the increasing availability of travel and a growing desire to experience new and unique cultures."

What do you think of these cute monikers?

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