These are the sweetest Valentine's Day inspired baby names

Due in February? Take a look at these adorable monikers

Valentines Day baby names
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It may feel like only yesterday that we were binge watching the new season of Emily In Paris and eating ourselves into a Celebrations-induced nap, but 2023 has been steaming ahead with full force - and the most romantic day of the year is almost here. 

That's right - February is just a week away, and with it comes Valentine's Day (or Galentine's, if you so wish).

While the 14th February is marked out as a day for all things love, the month will also bring with it a bunch of new members to the Aquarius squad - and there will be some Pisces babies, too. 

So if you're expecting the patter of tiny feet and are not overly enthused by the luckiest baby names or these nearly extinct monikers, then you might want to take a look at some very sweet Valentine's Day baby names. 

Researchers at Mega Pleasure have done a little digging to rank the most romantic and love-inspired baby names across the globe. By taking the top 170 names from NameBerry's seed list of Valentine's Day baby names, they analysed each moniker's popularity using Forebears to find out how many babies were born and given each name, where it is most popular and the meanings behind them.

And there are some top performers that might actually surprise you! 

According to the research, the most popular Valentine's Day baby name for boys is David, which means 'beloved', with over 13.4 million people in the world given the name. In second place is Oscar, with English and Irish origins meaning 'god spear, or deep-lover or champion warrior'. 

For girls, Rosa - taken from the rose flower - places first, with over 6.3 million people given the moniker, and it is particularly popular in Mexico. Valentina also makes an appearance, placing 7th overall. 

Interestingly, out of the 170 names examined there are nearly double the number of girls names to boys (114 compared to 56). 

Take a look at the full list below:

Valentine's Day baby names

Valentine's Day Baby Names

  1. David - meaning 'beloved', most popular in USA
  2. Rosa - meaning 'rose, a flower', most popular in Mexico
  3. Oscar - meaning 'god-spear, deep-lover or champion warrior', most popular in Mexico
  4. Rose - meaning 'rose, a flower', most popular in Uganda 
  5. Manju - meaning 'pleasant, sweet', most popular in India 
  6. Amanda - meaning 'she must be loved', most popular in USA
  7. Valentina - meaning 'strength, health', most popular in Russia 
  8. Amy - meaning 'beloved', most popular in USA
  9. Philip - meaning 'lover of horses', most popular in USA
  10. Aziz - meaning 'powerful and beloved', most popular in Pakistan

What do you think of these adorable baby names?

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