These are the once on-trend baby names that now risk extinction in 2018

Calling future parents…

Naming a baby is a mammoth responsibility – choosing the moniker that your child will be known as for the rest of their life, and potentially shaping the person they become.

Should you go traditional or opt for a celebrity-style curveball name like Apple or Blue?

The most important thing to ensure when naming your baby is that the moniker in question is actually legal – yes, there are a lot of banned baby names that you definitely need to avoid – everything from ’Traffic’ to ‘James Bond’.

We found out earlier this year what the most popular baby names of 2018 are so far, but what about the least popular?

Luckily for new parents everywhere, parenting website Bounty has done some digging, releasing a list of the names it thinks are at risk of extinction this year.

And according to its database of 300,000 parents, the Cecilias and Guys of the world could be in short supply.

These are the last popular baby names in 2018 so far…

Least popular girls names

1. Cecelia

2. Bridie

3. Bonny

4. Cecily

5. Mimi

6. Aubrie

7. Mika

8. Roxanne

9. Alora

10. Kourtney

Baby Names 2017Least popular boys names

1. Jago

2. Macauley

3. Leroy

4. Guy

5. Fabio

6. Soren

7. Arnold

8. Carl

9. Ivor

10. Marcos

Happy name choosing – maybe you could stop one of these names going extinct with your pick!

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