I'm a Health Editor and marathon runner who tests kit for a living - these £25 leggings blew my mind

No wonder the brand sells 5,000 pairs every month.

A woman trying M&S Go Move leggings

As a Health Editor who runs marathons for fun and sweat tests workout gear for a living, I've been on the hunt for the best M&S leggings for a while now. Why? Well, largely because the best gym leggings normally come with a high price point (you're paying for quality, after all).

That said, M&S is an affordable high street brand that promises not to scrimp on quality. While you might not think of the retailer as a go-to for the best gym leggings, their Goodmove range has rave reviews.

They have over a hundred different pairs on-site, but the Go Move leggings are bestsellers. They sell 5,000 pairs a month and I actually think they're the best high street workout legging currently available to buy. Their designers used to work at Nike and have totally reshaped their fitness offering - I couldn't believe how much they look (and feel) like other higher price point alternatives, like lululemon and Sweaty Betty, where leggings retail at anything from £65+.

I've been testing the M&S Go Move gym leggings personally over the past few months - keep scrolling for my the many reasons I reckon they're a must-buy.

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Best M&S leggings: My honest review of the M&S Go Move gym leggings 

First up, a bit of background for you. The Go Move range was first launched in January 2020 and, as above, was created by a team of experts including two former Nike designers. Not just that, but their designs are always shaped by customer feedback. They say that they go back to the drawing board to improve any product that gets less than a four-star review.

More about the leggings. On-site, they promise to be moisture-wicking, squat-proof, flattering and high-waisted all while sitting at a mere £25.

So, what did I find when testing? They're all that and more - during my rather sweaty strength sessions, the leggings dried quickly, plus were thick enough material that you couldn't see through them but also breathable, too. The material felt soft yet shiny, durable yet dynamic - they allowed me to run, jump, squat, stretch and more, all without crinkling at the knees or sagging at the waist. Plus, the waistband is flattering, not digging in or cutting you in half for the sake of staying in place.

I also wore them for two four-mile marathon training runs and really liked that they have both a zipped back pocket and a handy pocket on the side of your thigh, too, meaning I didn't need a belt bag. When I tested, I put a bank card, my front door key and my iPhone in the side pocket and it just about held all three.

That said, they did lose shape more quickly than other higher price point alternatives - I noticed them feeling a little looser around the waist after six months or so. Would this put me off buying them? Not for the price point.

Not sure whether to invest? Think about it this way - there's no better form of exercise motivation than new gym gear. Whether you're about to do a killer Joe Wicks YouTube workout, head out on a brisk walk or simply meet the girls for brunch, you can't go wrong with these.

Go Move High Waisted Gym Leggings in Black - £27.50 | Marks and Spencer

Go Move High Waisted Gym Leggings in Black - £27.50 | Marks and Spencer

Go Move Printed High Waisted Gym Leggings with Pattern - £27.50 | M&S

Go Move Printed High Waisted Gym Leggings with Pattern - £27.50 | M&S

Go Move Printed High Waisted Gym Leggings with Pattern - £27.50 | M&S

Go Move Printed High Waisted Gym Leggings with Pattern - £27.50 | M&S

Ready? Set? Sweat.

Ally Head
Health, Sustainability and Relationships Editor

Ally Head is Marie Claire UK's Health, Sustainability, and Relationships Editor, eight-time marathoner, and Boston Qualifying runner. Day-to-day, she works across site strategy, features, and e-commerce, reporting on the latest health updates, writing the must-read health and wellness content, and rounding up the genuinely sustainable and squat-proof gym leggings worth *adding to basket*. She regularly hosts panels and presents for things like the MC Sustainability Awards, has an Optimum Nutrition qualification, and saw nine million total impressions on the January 2023 Wellness Issue she oversaw, with health page views up 98% year on year, too. Follow Ally on Instagram for more or get in touch.