Experts warn: Don’t splash out on expensive trainers

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  • Study proves expensive trainers are a waste of money

    A NEW STUDY has revealed that expensive trainers are no better than their cheaper counterparts. Research by Dundee University published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, looked at nine pairs of trainers, priced from £40 and up to £75, across three different sports brands.

    The study asked 43 participants to walk 20 metres in each pair of trainers, whilst eight different areas on their sole were monitored. Whilst performance did vary over pressure range on the sole of the foot, overall all the trainers appeared to offer similar cushioning, with price proving irrelevant to performance.

    The results concluded that the £40 shoe was just as good for runner’s feet as the £75, and in fact, performed better in terms of comfort and cushioning than the more expensive shoes.

    Leader of the study, Rami Abboud, commented: ‘Our advice is when you are shopping for trainers try them on, decide which ones seem to fit the best – and don’t look at the price tag.’

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