5 best weightlifting apps to try, if you're keen to up your strength training

Strength training has been found to boost both physical and mental health.

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So, you're keen to start strength training and want to download one of the best weightlifting apps.

First things first: good for you. Numerous studies have found regular weight training boosts muscle mass, metabolism, and more, not to mention protects your joints from injury.

Not sure what weightlifting actually is? The clue is in the name - in a nutshell, it's a term used to describe strength training. There are three types of weightlifting - bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting, and powerlifting. That said, picking up a dumbbell in the gym and your weekly food shop counts as weightlifting, too. 

The form of exercise is key not only for keeping your muscles active, but for preventing lean muscle mass loss, too.

So, which apps are best to download? I'm Ally Head, a Health Editor who once learned to deadlift double her body weight. I've also been testing the best fitness apps for Marie Claire UK, so have a good oversight of which ones are worth your time and money (and which ones aren't). I like the below because they're easy to use, designed for women, and suitable for all abilities. 

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Best weightlifting apps: 5 to download now

Best all-round weightlifting app


If you've read our fitness apps round-up, you'll know that FIIT is one of my favourites. It's a one-stop-shop for all types of workouts from some of the best in the business and has some pretty neat features which mean you can even schedule sessions in with other FIIT app users.

I like their strength sessions from Gus and Gede, and the fact you can choose from ten, twenty, or forty-five minute sessions (great when you're short on time). 

Best for beginners, or those with more experience who want to get a good strength session at home. The Crossfit style WODs are particularly good.

Cost: Free 14-day trial and then £10 a month. View now.

Best weightlifting app for beginners


You'll likely have heard of SWEAT, the strength training app from personal trainer Kayla Itsines. There's a reason it has millions of downloads - it's a really great entry-level app for beginners, but also provides a clear structure for more seasoned weight lifters, too.

They have workout plans programmed for weeks at a time - so, for example, if you're looking to up your muscle mass over a period of months, the expert-led plans will progressively overload and improve your fitness over time. 

Plus, the circuits aren't long - far from it. They range in time, but the shortest session is just ten minutes long, for your busier mornings.

Cost: Free trial and then £14.99 a month. View now.

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Best weightlifting app for community


Another strength training app with rave reviews is SHREDDY, the app from personal trainer Grace Beverley. The app is unique in that it offers tailored workouts and meal plans to suit you and your personal goals. That is, if you want to build muscle on a vegan diet, it'll provide both a workout and nutrition plan for you.

Videos are easy to follow, yet the plan is comprehensive - expect squats, deadlifts, and other core compound moves designed to improve your strength and muscle mass. Plus, the app allows you to connect with other users, making you feel part of the community. 

Cost: £9.99 per month. View now

4. Best weightlifting app for building muscle


The brainchild of personal trainer Stef Williams, WeGLOW is another fitness app designed for women looking for a tailored strength training plan. Fun fact: the app has over 500 exercises, each with a video demonstration and explanation of how to do each move. You can choose from a range of plans or guides, and both home and gym options, too.

Ready to get strong? Well, you're in the right place. Keep an eye out for the regular challenges that Stef runs and regularly takes part in herself - working out alongside others is a great way to stay motivated.

Cost: £15.99 per month. View now.

5. Best weightlifting app to boost both physical and mental health

5. Beyond

Last but by no means least comes Beyond - personal trainer Meggan Grubb's fitness app. She did regular live workouts during the 2020 lockdowns, encouraging women around the world to keep moving, despite gyms being closed.

Choose from four programs or guides, and how many workouts you'd like to opt for, too - you can choose three, four or five. For the in gym option, as with the other apps, Grubb has programmed daily sessions to boost your strength and mental health, too. Complete with a handy in app timer, it's easy to follow, with each move broken down and explained for you.

It's not just a strength training app - there are gratitude prompts, recipes and more - but it's strength training offering is great for beginners or those looking to get back into a healthy routine.

Cost: £9.99 a month. View now.

How often should you weight train?

Good question. Short answer - what works for you won't work for the next person, and it'll depend on how much time you have. That said, the NHS website advises aiming for 75 minutes of vigorous strength training on two or more days a week. They state that this should aim to work all of your major muscles - that is, your legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms.

Think of it this way - that's two 40-minute strength sessions a week, or three half an hour workouts. Enjoy. 

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