Best yoga mats: these are the 14 to buy now for sweaty sessions and mindful flows

Invest in your zen time or grab a bargain from £12.99

Best yoga mats

Invest in your zen time or grab a bargain from £12.99

So, you’re on the hunt for one of the best yoga mats. Whether it's as a means of upping your chances of squeezing in those home workouts you'd planned or you just want to treat yourself to some mindful movement this March, you're in the right place.

Why invest in a yoga mat, you ask? Think of it this way: you wouldn't do jumping jacks without a sports bra, so why do a floor-based yoga class without support for your joints? Yoga mats are specifically designed to provide your workouts with adequate ground cushioning to support your muscles, tendons, and joints and prevent you from getting injured.

Whether you’re a dedicated yogi who starts every day with a sun salutation or a runner using yin to stretch out your stressed hips, there’s a mat for every type of flow. Here, we'll talk you through our picks of the best, for every type of yoga class and every budget, big or small. Oh, and do check out the different types of yoga, the benefits of yoga and yoga poses to make you feel good, while you're here.

14 best yoga mats available to buy now

1. Best lululemon yoga mat: The Take Form Mat

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Fun fact: team LL made this mat with 3D zoned cushioning and visual alignment cues to guide optimal body positioning. It's perfect for those times when you just really feel like a good stretch. The natural rubber base gives you juicy cushioning and the polyurethane top layer also absorbs any moisture (read: sweat) to make sure you can still get a good grip during the hottest of flows. Extra big, extra cushioned yoga base? Don't mind if we do.

Lululemon yoga mat - Best yoga mats


2. Best Sweaty Betty yoga mat: Super Grip Yoga Mat

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First up: this mat will go with anything thanks to the grey colourway. Secondly, with a name like 'super grip', you can only imagine that it's really rather good. It's got a–yep, you guessed it—particularly sturdy grip thanks to the latex material and a strong rubber base, too, which means you won't be slipping anytime soon. Plus, it's lightweight at just 2kg, and boasts eco wins, being both biodegradable and eco-friendly. The floor is yours.

sweaty betty yoga mat - Best yoga mats


3. Best yoga mat for bad knees: Manduka PRO yoga mat

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On the higher end of the price points, but you can see why. A household name in the yoga brand sphere, Manduka, has been making premium yoga mats since 1997 that, they say, boast 'superior performance and an elevated practice'. Buy for supportive cushioning, top-end joint support and protection, and serious comfort, plus a product lifetime guarantee.

manduka yoga mat - best yoga mats

From £109.97,

4. Best yoga mat for sweaty hands: Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat

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If you're a hot yoga fan or someone who sweats a lot during exercise (which, FYI, is totally normal) then you'll love this Gaiam mat. It's 6mm thick (aka, thick) meaning loads of cushioned support, plus topped with a sticky non-slip textured surface to make sure you've got the best grip. Plus, you'll get a lifetime guarantee with every purchase so needn't worry about having to buy again in a few years. Your bank balance—and the environment—are thanking you.

gaiam yoga mat - Best yoga mats


5. Best eco-friendly yoga mat: Yogi Bare Paws

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Shop local and support independent businesses (and, again, the planet) with this Yogi Bare mat. Not only is it made from all-natural rubber sourced from sustainable forest, but it's free from animal testing and 100% vegan. Plus, the packaging is 100% recyclable. Basically, you can't go wrong with a Yogi Bare mat.

The brand have even introduced a new recycling mat scheme, which not only gives customers peace of mind that their old yoga mat is getting new life, but also gives them 15% off their next yoga mat purchase. They have teamed up with Safer Surfacing, who will transform old rubber yoga mats into high quality rubber chippings. These rubber chippings will then be used in various different ways to create safer surfaces in local communities, including play areas and parks reducing injuries from trips and tumbles, as well as being used to protect hooves in equestrian centres.

yogi bear paws yoga mat


6. Best yoga mat for travel: Yogamatters Eco Flow Yoga Mat

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Constantly on the move or just on the hunt for a mat that's easier to store? The Yogamatters mat is ideal as it's 4mm thick and easy to roll up. It's also made from 100% sustainably harvested natural tree rubber, is recyclable and biodegradable, free from toxic chemicals and dyes, and produced with the highest respect for legal environmental and labour standards. Not bad. Not bad at all.

yogamatters yoga mat - Best yoga mats


7. Best Liforme yoga mat: the Liforme Yoga Mat

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The clue is in the name. Similar to Manduka, Liforme have been serving the yogi community making great yoga mats for yonks. This is their OG mat, which is generously sized and features their special 'GripForMe' material, making it great for hot yoga and power flows. Fun fact: all Liforme mats come printed with their unique AlignForMe system, which are basically alignment markers to help guide you through your practice. Plus, it's got thousands of 5* reviews.

liforme yoga mat - Best yoga mats


8: Best Argos yoga mat: Opti Floral 6mm Thickness Printed Yoga Exercise Mat

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If you're after a more purse-friendly yoga addition, Argos is your best bet. Argos has a range of budget yoga mats to choose from, and this Opti option is less than £20. With a casual 292 5* reviews, we'd say this is a solid investment. If you need extra thickness to support your hips, knees, or wrists, it's a good option, plus comes with its own carry strap. Ready to assist you through any flow, anywhere.

opti yoga mat - Best yoga mats


9: Best next day delivery yoga mat: Amazon Basics

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If you want a yoga mat delivered to your door ASAP, AmazonBasics is the place. Sure, it may not be the highest of quality, but it'll be with you in no time and do the job. It's got a textured non-slip surface and is thick enough to provide good support.

amazon basics yoga mat - Best yoga mats

From £20,

10: Best bargain yoga mat: Comfort Fitness Floor Mat

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Yoga mats really don't have to break the bank. If you're a fairweather yogi or just someone who likes a savasana once in a while, a more budget option may be right for you. Like this Decathlon steal, promising to be perfect for a range of workouts, including yoga. It is 15mm thick and comes with an ultra-practical carry strap. Win win.

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11. Best yoga mat with carry strap: Meglio Yoga Mat

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This 10mm yoga mat from Meglio is a double win: thick enough to support the sweatiest flow and support your joints, but also light enough to carry from class to class. It comes with a handy carry strap, too. What more could you need?

meglio yoga mat- Best yoga mats


12. Best workout mat: Beachbody jump mat

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Love a wind-down yoga flow but also a fan of higher intensity workouts like HIIT? This Beachbody jump mat is a great all-rounder - promising to be slip-resistant, and pose added grip for safety and support. It says that it's more durable than average yoga mats, too. Neat.

beachbody mat - Best yoga mats


13. Best sustainable yoga mat: Kati Kaia Thalassa yoga mat

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Like the sound of a soft and comfortable mat that also allows superior grip, too? Then you'll love the Thalassa mat from Kati Kaia.

Not only are they effective, but they're beautiful, too. This gorgeous blue colourway is inspired by the calm Mediterranean sea. Also worth noting: the mats have a 100% natural tree rubber base, a vegan suede up-cycled top, and promise excellent support and joint cushioning.

thalassa yoga mat - Best yoga mats

From £80,

Editor's pick: 

14. Best aroma spray: Mio Liquid Yoga Space Spray

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Not a yoga mat, sure, but a yoga mat extra that's sure to boost both your flow and your mood. This mood-boosting blend of natural essential oils has been designed to calm and relax you. Spray in the air around your yoga mat to create the perfect calming vibe. We love it.

Best yoga mats: DOSE Smells Like Yoga spray

£21.00, Lookfantastic

Everyone’s asking: what’s the difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat?

A fair question. Yoga mats, generally speaking, are thinner than exercise mats. They're designed for floor-based flows, crows, and vinyasa, rather than higher intensity exercise, which needs a little more cushioning.

Your standard yoga mats also normally have more grip on their undersides, to make sure they stay put whilst you're flowing from downward to upward dog. These are small technicalities, but if you practice home workouts and yoga a lot (and can afford two mats), it may be worth investing.

Which yoga mat is best for me?

This depends on what you’ll be using your mat for, and how often. If you’re a keen yogi who’ll be regularly practicing yoga for sleep insomnia, power, and hot flows on your new purchase, spending a little more and investing in one of the pricier mats will probably be worth your money.

On the other hand, if you have recurring weaknesses or injury problems (work from home posture, we're looking at you), more padded, specialist mats could save you from pain. Whatever your need, there's a mat for everyone.

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