These are the best exercise headphones to buy now

Grab an editor-approved pair from just £35...

best exercise headphones

Grab an editor-approved pair from just £35...

Whether it's a hardcore HIIT home workout from your living room, a pacey morning 5km run or a peaceful Vinyasa yoga flow before bed, exercise headphones are kind of a must-have for anyone getting a sweat on regularly. Not only do they block out the outside noise so you can focus on your movements, but they allow you to play whatever it is you need to get motivated. For us, a bit of Bruce Springsteen always does the trick.

Here at Marie Claire, we are a big fan of in-ear and wireless headphone models. Why, we hear you ask? Well, first things first, it’s quite hard to burpee with a tangled headphone wire wrapped around your shins. Secondly, we've found other types fall out half the time (don’t worry, all of the pairs in this roundup have advanced in-ear grip), and lastly, knotted headphone wires really just aren’t a vibe.

With exercise headphone options from as little as £35, there's a buy for every budget. We've rounded up some of the best models, detailing their snazziest features and quirks to know about, so you don't have to do the legwork. Oh, and don't forget to shop our round ups of the best workout leggings, best sports bras and best running trainers to take your sweat sesh to the next level. Happy shopping...

What to look for in an exercise headphone?

There are lots of things to consider when shopping for a pair of exercise headphones. We always look for a pair with good in-ear grip and sweat resistance, so they won't slip out mid-mountain climber. Battery life and charging time are also important factors to consider, as there is nothing worse than your headphones dying just as you start your session. Lastly, make sure you choose a pair that fits your personal style, as it's always important to feel your best so you can give your workout your all.

Where to buy exercise headphones?

These days, there are lots of places to purchase high quality headphones, especially online. From Amazon, John Lewis, Very and more, you won't have to worry about where you are shopping. Plus, these websites are always offering amazing deals, with some of our favourite pairs currently on sale...

The best exercise headphones to buy now:

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