Kate Middleton helps to raise 10K for a mental health charity by wearing these earrings

There's a heartbreaking story behind them

 Kate Middleton earrings: World Mental health Day
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Kate Middleton has helped raise over £10K for a mental health charity after she wore the earrings at several high-profile events supporting mental health charities, leading to a sales boom. Kate was spotted wearing the Issy Star earrings, which have a special significance to them, during a series of events for World Mental Health Day in the autumn of last year.

£5 of each purchase of the Issy Star earrings is donated to the mental health charity Brave Mind, meaning that due to their royal seal of approval and subsequent popularity, Sophie has managed to raise over £10k. 

"It feels truly monumental to have hit over £10,000 in funds raised for Brave Mind from sales of the Issy Star,' Sophie told the Scottish Field. "We're going to do all we can to keep supporting the charity's crucial work in educating and putting mental health issues at the heart of communities. It still feels surreal that the Princess of Wales has a pair of our earrings, possibly sitting on her dressing table."

We're all ears when it comes to Princess Catherine's favourite fashion and beauty buys, from Kate Middleton's fave facial oil to the go-to-beauty buys she can't live without—and it's great to see her wearing such an affordable option, with her latest earrings retailing at just £25.50.

We first spotted Princess Catherine wearing the Issy Star earrings, which are delicate gold hoops in the shape of stars, styled with a bright yellow blazer, as she and Prince William hosted the Royal Foundation event, Exploring our Emotional Worlds

Kate Middleton earrings: World Mental Health Day

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There's a heartbreaking story behind these earrings, making Princess Catherine's choice to wear them all the more poignant. The earrings were gifted by Sarah Renton at the Maidenhead Rugby Club earlier this year, who lost her daughter Issy Phipps to suicide. 

"My daughter Issy took her own life," Issy's mum Sarah shared at the time. "The proceeds from the earrings are going to a charity called Brave Minds, a mental health charity that supports children using the platforms of rugby clubs. Mental health is such an important issue.

Kate Middleton earrings: World Mental Health Day

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"She was wonderful, Issy, a real breath of fresh air. She had wonderful, wonderful friends, and surrounded herself with the best people. She was owning life, doing so well in her A levels, she was going to do an elite rugby programme, she played touch rugby for England and got a gold medal in the summer.

"But she was also struggling with depression. Everything was harder than it was supposed to be. We thought she was obviously doing better than she was."

Kate promised to wear the earrings at the time and—true to her word—she's was spotted wearing them several times. 

Kate Middleton earrings: World Mental Health Day

Kate wore the earrings again yesterday

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She said of her involvement in World Mental Health Day in a speech this week: "William and I believe we need to do all we can as a society to help young people develop the emotional and social life skills they need for good mental health, and to thrive in the world around them. Together, let’s build a brighter, more resilient future."

Retailing at just £25.50 online at Ear Sass, the Issy Star earrings are a very affordable way to copy Kate's style. The brand said on its website when the earrings sold out in the autumn: "We are so grateful for everyone ordering the ISSY STAR earrings and with Princess Kate wearing them for a second time this week our orders have increased."

They're currently back in stock, so you can pick up a pair of Princess-worthy earrings with no wait time. 

You'll have to get in quickly if you want to get your hands on a pair of these princess-worthy earrings—with proceeds going towards a very important cause.

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