8 iconic Paco Rabanne moments we will always remember

The designer passed away today, at age 88.

Paco Rabanne Memorable Moments
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Paco Rabanne, the iconic Spanish designer has passed away today, at the age of 88. 

The designer was beloved for his use of innovative materials and is the person who introduced the world to the instantly-recognisable and iconic Paco Rabanne chainmail dresses. 

Rabanne first debuted the iconic dresses on the runway in 1966, and they are still referenced and reimagined today almost 60 years later. Since their debut, Paco Rabanne's chainmail dresses have only grown in popularity, and we still see them worn throughout fashion week street style and on red carpets today. 

Rabanne was born in northern Spain in 1934, and was first introduced to the world of fashion through his mother, who was a seamstress at Cristobal Balenciaga's Spanish couturier. In his early career, Rabanne created jewellery for luxury labels such as Givenchy and Dior, before going on to launch his own brand. The designer was also responsible for creating a memorable costume in the 1968 film Barbarella, starring Jane Fonda.

Beloved the world over, keep scrolling for 7 iconic Paco Rabanne moments we won't forget.

Memorable Paco Rabanne moments: 

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