Dakota Johnson's on-set outfit is all I want to wear this autumn

Copying this, ASAP.

Dakota Johnson in New York wearing a red blazer and blue jeans
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Copying this, ASAP.

After a summer spent in breezy dresses and linen shorts, moving onto autumn attire has been somewhat of a difficult transition. The idea of putting together an outfit that will keep me warm, while simultaneously incorporating that effortless cool factor can be quite the feat. Luckily, there is plenty of celebrity looks around to help with sartorial inspiration as we move into a new season.

 Yesterday, Dakota Johnson was spotted on the streets of New York, filming for her new movie Madame Web. For the occasion, the actress was wearing, relaxed blue straight-leg jeans, Dr Martens and a red leather blazer.

Dakota Johnson in New York wearing a red blazer and blue jeans

While we can't give Johnson full credit here (the look was almost certainly the creation of the costume department) the outfit is undeniably cool and deserves to be emulated. Consisting of several wardrobe staples, the beauty of this look is in its timeless appeal. You could easily have spotted this outfit on the streets of New York in the late ‘90s. Yet it still looks equally as relevant today. Thank you for the inspo, Dakota!

Interested in creating this autumnal outfit? Keep scrolling to get the look.

Get the look:

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The real hero to Dakota's outfit above is the leather blazer. While a black leather blazer is a true classic. The red iteration adds a little bit of personality to the look.
This more muted burgundy tone sits somewhere in between and would make a practical addition to your wardrobe.

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These Arket jeans may have a light blue, vintage wash but they feel completely contemporary. They're a timeless classic you'll wear for seasons to come.

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Dr. Martens boots have been a timeless classic for over 20 years. The brand is known for its durability and comfort. These boots could easily pair with so many outfits, but look best against jeans as worn above.

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