Emily in Paris season four is coming—this is everything we know so far

Could there be a very exciting cameo in store?

Emily in Paris season four
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With Emily in Paris' fourth season in the works in 2022, it looked as if our fix of Parisian life (and Patricia Field's styling) wasn't too far away. But after Emily in Paris ran into a major problem with the ongoing Hollywood strikes earlier this year, the final stages of filming have been delayed. That's not to say we're not still starting to get excited about the next instalment.

Season three left us with a lot of questions. will Emily and Gabriel finally get it together? What's next for Camille and Emily's friendship? Will Camille take the leap with new love interest Sofia? And will there be a conclusion to Mindy's tricky love triangle? And what about Alfie (Lucien Laviscount)—have we seen the last of him? This is everything we know so far about Emily in Paris season four. 

When does Emily in Paris season four start?

Emily in Paris season four

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Sadly, there's not been an official release date for Emily in Paris' fourth season as of yet, but it looks like the show could be making a return to screens in 2024. Season four was confirmed by starring actor Lily Collins back in January 2022, who posted a message on Instagram revealing that the show had been renewed for a third and fourth season. 

It's safe to say fans are pretty excited by the prospect of a fourth season of the show, with one writing: 'Oh my gosh. BEST NEWS EVER !!! I adore Emily and I love this series …. I am watching it over and over !! Cannot wait for Season 4.' While another said: 'OMG the way am all impatiently waiting for season 4, drop it ASAP plzzzz.' But despite their cries for a release date, producers are remaining quiet about when we can catch the gang frolicking under the Parisian sun again. 

Like many other much-loved shows on Netflix, the release date has been delayed due to the 2023 Hollywood strikes. It's thought that seasons three and four were filmed consecutively in Paris in 2022, but there are still some finishing touches that need to be made before the series is ready for release—and these have been substantially delayed.

What will Emily in Paris' fourth season be about?

Season three of the hit Netflix show left us on a huge cliffhanger, with Emily deciding to stay in Paris at Savoir instead of returning to Chicago with Madeline. The next season looks set to tie up some loose ends and answer some burning questions—watch this space! 

It also looks like there could be another European city taking centre stage, with Emily set for a Roman holiday in the new season. 

"It’s safe to say we ended on a dramatic note last season, and surprise! It does not end there," she said in the video, adding, "What I can tell is we have more fun, more fashion and, of course, more drama in store for you all. 

"Emily is going to have to decide if everything she’s ever wanted is really what she needs, and while Emily’s heart will always remain true to Paris, her life takes some unexpected twists this season. Don’t be surprised to find her on a Roman holiday.” We'd completely be here for some Emily in Rome—just imagine the outfits!

Emily in Paris showrunner Darren Star has kept quiet about what to expect from season four. "There are definitely some ideas," he told Glamour. "There's nothing I want to tease, but there are definitely some ideas. It sort of turned over the ship a little bit, in terms of the characters and the relationships."

However, Darren did reveal that Sofia—Camille's very glamorous potential new love interest—will be back for the fourth season of Emily in Paris. He explained: "Yes, I definitely feel like we can't be telling the story without Sofia." Before adding: "Camille is a bit of free spirit and very open about her sexuality, which is something we established from the get-go."

Another relationship that Darren Star wants to explore further in series four is the love triangle between Mindy, Nicolas (Paul Forman) and Benoit (Kevin Dias). “Nicolas is a very smart character, but I think he is also a tricky guy,” he told TV Guide (via The Hollywood Reporter). “I think he represents a little bit of the Mindy who used to be, who she is very comfortable with. Benoit is a bit more of her artistic soul, and I think there is a real struggle. She has both sides of her competing for her priority.”

Darren also explained that season four will be a chance to see the world from other character's perspectives, specifically explaining how Sylvie will come more to the forefront. "From the beginning, she’s a character that doesn’t want to be known,” he explained to Glamour. “You see the stories from different points of view. I think now that we see the world a little bit from Sylvie’s point of view, we’ll learn more about Sylvie.”

Emily in Paris season four

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And as for the season finale? Darren is staying open, according to his recent interview with Glamour. He said: “As the show has evolved, so does your idea of where the characters are going. They create their own momentum when you introduce new characters.

"The characters take on lives of their own, as they take you in unexpected direction. So, I don’t like to have hard and fast ideas about where it must end because I feel like, as in life, the characters will lead you in different directions.”

Who will star in season four of Emily in Paris? 

The official cast list hasn't been released, but considering that season three and season four were (partially) filmed back to back, we'll be expecting to see some of our favourites back on screen. 

After all, it wouldn't be the same without Lily Collins as Emily, or her sidekick Mindy, or her love-hate relationship with chic Parisian Camille. We're also expecting Gabriel, Alfie, Benoit and Nicolas to make a return for season four.

There have also been some rumours of a special guest appearing in the show. Darren Star, who also produced Sex & the City working alongside legendary stylist Patricia Field, has hinted that Kim Cattrall could make an appearance later down the line. He previously told Glamour: "I’m not a big believer in just stunt casting for the purpose of stunt casting."

Before continuing: "And for Kim as well, a role that feels like it’s the right thing for her to do. But I definitely feel like she would bring some great energy into the series."

Watch this space for the official release date of season four of Emily in Paris...

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