Here's how to increase your chances of getting Taylor Swift tickets, according to experts

Taylor Swift performing on stage for her Eras tour
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Taylor Swift is the woman of the moment, with her current Eras tour making headline news each day. 

Yes, from Taylor speaking out in defence of her ex boyfriend on stage to her A-list concert-goers, the Eras tour is all anyone can talk about - and we want in. 

Eras - Taylor's sixth and biggest tour to date - has been dubbed "a journey through all of her musical eras", celebrating every studio album. And Swifties are falling over themselves to bag a ticket.

With 131 shows over five continents, you would think that fans would be able to snag a ticket without much trouble. But think again - Eras is proving more difficult to get into than Glastonbury, and people are having to brush up on their tactics to just get a look in. 

As pre-sale tickets for the UK Eras tour go on sale this week, the experts at SeatPick give us their tips on how you can increase your chances of bagging tickets.

Taylor Swift performing on stage for her Eras tour

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How to get Taylor Swift tickets

“Swift’s tour is inescapable on social media, meaning international fans will be preparing themselves for buying tickets," explained Gilad Zilberman, Co-Founder of SeatPick. "This is proving to be one of, if not the biggest tours Taylor has ever done. Her songs are more popular now than ever and this new tour is clearly reflecting that."

Taylor Swift performing on stage for her Eras tour

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Zilberman and the experts at SeatPick know the best tricks to securing exclusive and high-demand concert tickets for the world's most renowned artists. Here he shares their advice for bagging high demand tickets.

1. Ensure you register for tickets

"In order to have the best shot at getting tickets, you need to register on Taylor’s Ticketmaster site first, where you’ll be able to choose your preferred location," recommends Zilberman. "Although, Ticketmaster stresses this doesn’t guarantee you a ticket. You’ll be contacted by Ticketmaster letting you know whether you’ve received an 'on-sale code' or placed on a waiting list.

"As well as this, it’s important to get your loved ones to register too! more people registering for tickets may increase your chances of success."

2. Check all relevant pre-sales

"This one’s for the fans who pre-ordered her Midnights album - if you did, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll receive a pre-sale code for doing so. Look out for an email notifying you of the pre-sale dates and your opportunity to choose your preferred cities. As above, this doesn’t guarantee you a ticket, but the dates for UK pre-sale tickets are on the 10th, 11th and 12th of July. Ensure you check your spam folder just in case so you don’t miss out!"

3. Ensure you have a Ticketmaster account

"You want to minimise issues on the day, so ensure everybody trying to secure the tickets has signed up and logged into the platform first," Zilberman recommends. "This will allow you to skip a few vital seconds in the process of paying and securing your tickets. It could make all the difference. Also, ensure your payment details are set up too!"

4. Never refresh the page

"Once you are in the ticket queue, never be tempted to refresh," says Zilberman and the SeatPick team. "You may lose all your hard work and get kicked to the back of the very long queue. Being patient and not panicking is key to success."

5. Don’t panic if tickets sell out straight away

"Missed the tickets? Be sure to check back on the sites after they say they're sold out," recommends Zilberman. "Sometimes ticket payments don't go through, the website crashes and more tickets are still available. Keep checking for roughly two hours after release. You might just be lucky.

"Like in the US, there will be a higher-than-usual demand for International tickets, which means additional dates may be added, so don’t panic if you aren’t lucky the first time around."

6. Only purchase from sellers you know and trust

"Although it might be tempting to purchase a ticket elsewhere if you weren’t successful on the day, be wary of who you’re buying from and do your research beforehand," says Zilberman. "Never allow someone to send you a screenshot of a ticket as these are invalid or send payment before receiving the tickets. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is."

Happy ticket bagging, Swifties.

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