Lizzo's reaction to Beyoncé arriving at the Grammys is going viral


lizzo meets beyonce for the first time
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Lizzo's reaction to Beyoncé's arrival at the 2023 Grammys last night may go down in history as one of the most memorable Grammy moments ever.

The About Damn Time star won the Record of the Year award and performed on the iconic stage for every celebrity present, but we bet the best part was spending the evening with her long time idol IRL.

And if her reaction to Beyoncé's arrival is anything to go by, we doubt Lizzo even cared what was inside the luxury goodie bag this year, because Beyoncé.

The Break My Soul singer made history as the biggest Grammys winner of all time at the ceremony last night, and moved the audience with her touching acceptance speech. 

Although Beyoncé arrived just a tad late to the awards ceremony - which is totally fine when you are Beyoncé - her arrival did not go unnoticed. Lizzo's reaction is going viral and it is everything.

Host Trevor Noah stood by Lizzo and Adele's table (celebrity table of dreams?) and announced: "Beyoncé is in the room people". 

As he did, Lizzo reacted just as we all would, jumping out of her seat and trying to see the Queen of music through the crowd. 

As Noah continued to talk about her many nominations, Lizzo's face goes from the shocked face emoji, to pure awe and joy. 


♬ Golden - Harry Styles

Lizzo has been a long time stan of Beyoncé (aren't we all?) and even dedicated a part of her award to the Crazy in Love singer. Posting a snap of the pair to Instagram, Lizzo captioned it, "I won" - and we're pretty sure she means the photo with Beyoncé is the win.

We still can't believe this is their first official photo together!? But it's now a pretty iconic one.

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