Laura Whitmore joins brand new dating show after leaving Love Island

Switching love on an island to love on a dating app

laura whitmore date night
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Earlier this year, Laura Whitmore announced she was leaving her role as Love Island host after facing 'unfair criticism'. But Laura is not letting it hold her back, as now she will be joining a brand new dating show, Date Night. 

The exciting new dating series will bring to light all the drama of dating through apps. Similar to some of best sex apps for no strings attached hook ups, but with "a twist". 

The presenter is coming back on the dating series scene to narrate the reality dating series which will premiere on Amazon Prime Video. 

Contestants will try to find love on the custom-made dating app, but, instead of being able to swipe and message privately in the comfort of their own home, friends and family will be watching on and giving their verdict. 

Whether it's asked for or not...

Back in August, Laura left her role as Love Island host and said: "There are certain elements of the show I've found very difficult that cannot be changed”. 

Taking over from the late Caroline Flack, Laura was only planning on hosting one series. 

“I was only planning to fill in for Caroline for a series and it turned into 3 series. I hope I did you proud Caroline," she said.

Last month, Love Island announced all the rumours were true and Maya Jama will be the new host of the upcoming winter series. 

Sharing the excitement for her new role, Maya revealed: "I’ve always been such a massive Love Island fan and I’m so excited to be hosting one of the nation’s favourite shows! 

"I can’t wait to get into the Villa to meet all of the Islanders."

laura whitmore date night

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Laura's new show, Date Night, won’t be using the go-to apps like Tinder or Bumble. Instead, contestants on the show will be using a custom-made dating app ‘with a twist’. 

Does the thought of everyone seeing what you get up to on your dating apps make you cringe? Same. 

But get ready for the drama, as the twist on this show is all about showing everyone in the room who you're swiping on - and what is going down in the DM's.

Dating profiles and potential matches will be shown on TVs in every room, so that family and friends can see everything they are getting up to. While maybe not the same level of awkwardness as in Dated and Related, loved ones will watch on as contestants swipe and message potential dates. 

"Date Night is an innovative new format that will resonate with the millions of people who have been swiping left and right in the hope of finding love over the past decade," says Richard Bond, managing director for Dragonfly Film & TV.

We can't wait to watch this one.

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