Why Jennifer Lawrence secretly Googles her old classmates

She might be an A-lister, but she's still keeping tabs

Jennifer Lawrence
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If you thought that celebrities were exempt from the intrigue of Googling people from the past, then you'd be wrong. Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence is also fond of a bit of an online scan when it comes to checking up on people who she used to know. 

The Oscar winning actor, who stars in the upcoming comedy No Hard Feelings, spoke to E! News and revealed that, every now and then, she Googles her old high school classmates. 

However, it's all down to the fact that she feels 'really bad' about how she treated one of her school friends in particular. 

The Hunger Games star explained: "I was an accidental bully because I pantsed this kid named Tyler.

"We were, like, pantsing people at a football game and I accidentally grabbed his underwear and he got really embarrassed.

"I feel really bad, I like sometimes Google him. Just to be like, 'You all right?'"

J-Law also revealed how she dealt with a 'mean' classmate who didn't invite her to her birthday party. 

She added: "This one girl named Meredith handed me a stack of invitations to her birthday party, but I was not invited. 

"She asked me to hand them out. Isn’t that so mean? It’s fine, I spit on them and threw them in the trash."

Jennifer took a break from acting between 2019 and 2021, and welcomed her first child with husband Cooke Maroney in 2022. 

Discussing why she decided to return to work with a comedy, she said via Reuters: "I didn't want to tackle any genre. I didn't want to work when I got this script, and I read it and it was the funniest script I'd ever read in my life.

"So, I quickly changed my tune and we were on set four months later." 

No Hard Feelings is set for UK release on 23rd June. 

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