Jennifer Lawrence says she 'lost control' of her career and felt like a 'commodity'

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Jennifer Lawrence became a household name after landing her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Huger Games franchise in 2012. She quickly went on to win the Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook in 2013, and went on to star in films alongside the likes of Christian Bale in American Hustle and Robert Di Niro in Joy.

However, the actor has now opened up about her mental health during the peak of her success and admits that she felt a 'loss of control' following her meteoric rise to stardom.

Talking to Variety, Lawrence claims she felt she became a 'commodity' during her career in the 2010's.

She said: ' I think I lost a sense of control. Between The Hunger Games coming out and winning the Oscar [for Silver Linings Playbook]. I became such a commodity that I felt like every decision was a big, big group decision.'

She added: 'When I reflect now, I can’t think of those following years, [because there was] just a loss of control.'

Lawrence took a break from acting in between X-Men: Dark Phoenix - which was released in 2019 - and returned to the screen as astronomy PhD student Kate Dibiasky in Don't Look Up, which was released in late 2021.

However, following her hiatus, she said working again 'feels personal for me for the first time in a long time'.

She also welcomed her first child with husband Cooke Maroney in February, and recently opened up about motherhood for the first time when she told Vogue: 'It’s so scary to talk about motherhood. Only because it’s so different for everybody.

'Fortunately I have so many girlfriends who were honest. Who were like, "It’s scary. You might not connect right away. You might not fall in love right away." So I felt so prepared to be forgiving.'

She added: 'The morning after I gave birth, I felt like my whole life had started over. Like, "Now is day one of my life."

'I just stared. I was just so in love.'

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