Emily Ratajkowski hints that she's been dating Harry Styles for longer than we thought

'He's kind of great.'

Emily Ratajkowski
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When it comes to discussing love and relationships, Emily Ratajkowski rarely shies away from giving an open and honest answer. 

In the past, the model and author has said that she believes she attracts 'the worst men' and that dating can be 'fucked up and unfair'. 

Em Rata, who filed for divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard in 2022 after four years of marriage, was linked to comedian Eric André in February after he posted a semi-naked photo of the pair on Instagram. However, just a few days later she said that her 'situationship' was over. 

But the romance that nobody saw coming was Em and Harry Styles. They were spotted kissing in Tokyo last month, and the video of their car-side canoodle instantly went viral. 

Both parties have kept quiet about their rumoured romance, but a podcast conversation with Emily has resurfaced - and many think she could have been hinting about Harry back in March. 

In an episode of Going Mental with Eileen Kelly, she said she had been dating someone for a month and it was going well. 

She shared: "I just don’t like a lot of guys. I don’t go on dates unless I don’t think they’re going to be like that [give me the ick]. Yeah, I can get the ick.

"I just started dating someone that I kind of like, like, so that feels different. But yes, if you had talked to me four weeks ago, I would’ve been absolutely like, 'Oh my god.' 

"[Now,] I’m just like, 'Oh well, he’s kind of great.'

"But yeah, no, I would be seeing someone and then all of a sudden, the way they would like, walk, would be like, 'Ugh.'"

The 31 year old also said that she looks for independence and a good sense of humour in a partner, adding: "I'm hoping that dating somebody who has more of their own confidence and life will help with preventing that [the issues I had before with men getting emasculated by and resentful of my accomplishments].

"I look for good-hearted people, people who are thoughtful, people with good politics. I like people who are funny, similar interests is important for sure."

Was that a sneaky reference to the former boybander? 

Let's see...

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