At 32 years old, I'm putting off Botox—this game-changing serum is the reason why

It's sensitive skin friendly, too

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True story: Last week while I was getting onto a train, a member of staff helped me with my suitcase. After I passed him my bag, he looked me dead in the face and said, “Well done kiddo.” Now, I’m the first to admit as a 4ft11 woman, getting mistaken for a teenager is not a rare occurrence, however, kiddo?! That was a new one, and it left my 32-year-old self feeling pretty smug. 

You see, just a few months ago, I was asking myself if it was time to get Botox. But after humming and hawing, I instead decided I'd first like to try a new face serum—one that promised to tackle my fine lines. And while, as a beauty journalist, I know all too well that no skincare product is going to deliver Botox-like results in terms of wrinkle reduction, I did want to see if there was a product out there that could make me feel happier in my skin, without the needles. My serum of choice? Caudalie’s Resveratrol-Lift Instant Firming Serum. And I am very impressed with it.

Re-launched mid-way through last year with a new formulation, Caudalie’s Resveratrol-Lift range consists of a day and night cream, a serum and an eye cream-gel, all designed to firm and plump the skin. While the whole collection is a joy to use (Selena Gomez is a fan of the eye gel, FYI), for me, the serum is the star of the show. And, it seems I’m not the only one who thinks so, as just a quick look on TikTok reveals endless videos with people dubbing it a “facelift in a bottle” and their “secret weapon”. While I admit these claims are very exaggerated (again, no skincare product is going to give you the results of an injectable or invasive procedure), I can understand the fuss.


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So, what does Caudalie’s Resveratrol Lift Instant Firming Serum do?

In the first instance, Caudalie’s Resveratrol-Lift Firming Serum does what is says on the tin: it plumps and firms fine lines for skin that looks smoother. To do this, it’s packed with vegan collagen 1 (a plant-based alternative to collagen harvested from mahogany bark). If you’re familiar with the French beauty brand, you’ll know that all of Caudalie's products draw upon the power of grapevines, and Resveratrol-Lift is no different. It contains vine resveratrol, from wine shoots, as well as hyaluronic acid and a further vegan collagen booster.

So what makes it so good at reducing the appearance of fine lines? Well, like I said, it's not going to eradicate wrinkles in the same way Botox does, but the use of plumping ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid help to plump instantly. Beyond that, resveratrol (which is a well-respected antioxidant) helps to tackle free-radical damage that hastens the skin's natural ageing process. Beyond that, there are also peptides, which work in tandem to improve skin elasticity. Finally, there's the addition of squalane, to hydrate and leave skin looking naturally radiant. The result? A serum that works hard on the skin yet doesn’t feel like a chore to apply.  

It’s also worth noting that this serum doesn't contain retinol, meaning you don't have to deal with any of that usual irritation. As a result, it is ideal for those with sensitive skin or anyone looking for an effective retinol alternative

My honest review

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I’ll preface this by saying I’m under no illusion that my lines are not particularly pronounced, and while I can vouch for this serums ability to tackle my fine lines, I cannot speak on its plumping ability on more deep set wrinkles. When I started using this serum, however, I was at a point where I felt the lines, particularly on my forehead, were becoming more apparent. I regularly found my foundation settling into them at the end of the day. After just over two weeks of using the Resveratrol-Lift Serum, however, this stopped being a problem. 

I took to using the serum morning and night, in the place of my usual hyaluronic acid, and followed it with a pretty simple moisturiser (not the Caudalie one, as I wanted to see what the serum alone could really do). It felt hydrating on the skin, without any stickiness or heaviness, and it sunk in quickly, something which is important to me as I like to get my beauty routine done as speedily as possible. 

After first use, my skin felt and looked great. I wouldn’t necessarily say the serum is instantly-firming as the name would suggest, but my skin was definitely hydrated and had a dewy plumpness. From two weeks onwards, however, I could definitely see the difference. My fine lines were noticeably reduced, and my skin texture was smoother. Plus, there was no sign of any irritation, something that I've struggled with in the past.

An unexpected plus for me was how much this little bottle had saved me. While it’s definitely not cheap at £52, it has allowed me to comfortably delay getting injectables for just that little bit longer. I appreciate this won't last forever, but anything that can save me dolling out hundreds of pounds for a few more years definitely deserves a place in my skincare routine

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