Nail pros say these are the 6 nail colours to try in 2023

There's something for everyone

Sonia Lyson wearing a red Chanel bag and a colour manicure
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Although we all have our trusty favourite nail trends that we count on time and again, there’s nothing quite like switching things up from time to time. If you’re a creature of habit but fancy a change, spring and summer is an ideal time to experiment with a bit of nail art, punchy neons or even this season's biggest trend, a milky mani. But things needn't be complex, a simple, single-hued manicure in one of 2023's trending nail colours can be just as effective. “Pastels are diluted versions of primary colours (mixed with white) and have a softer, lighter aesthetic,” says Ashleigh Alli, founder of Ashe London. “Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings and we are naturally drawn to these lighter colours that evoke feelings of freshness.” As for neons, nothing screams summer holidays quite like lime and lemonade colours. 

So far, 2023 has given up some epic nail trends, like micro French manicures, metallic tones and milky whites. Not to mention pretty-in-pink builder in a bottle (BIAB), the reason for the ever-increasing number of immaculately polished talons. But nail art aside, this year has also given us excellent inspiration for nail shades. We’re turning to bright blockbusters, vibrant blues, and earthy browns for the rest of 2023. 

Not only that, but we’re also turning to our feelings for the ultimate inspiration. “People are moving away slightly from choosing nail shades based purely on the season, and instead are guided by the feeling and connection to certain colours. Mindfulness and manifesting through nail colours will continue,” explains Ashleigh. 

1. Barbiecore pink 

Thanks to our friends Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling transforming into Barbie and Ken, hot pinks have been filling our feeds—and we’re not mad about it one bit. “With the Barbie movie coming out shortly, the world is going to head over heels for pink everything. Trends are always resurfacing and I just know pink is going to be the IT girl colour,” says manicurist Iram Shelton.

There are so many ways to wear the hue, from a straightforward glossy mani, to incorporating it into nail art designs, and even adding a chrome finish over the top for a playful feel.

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2. Olive green 

No matter the season, we just can’t get enough of olive tones it seems. “Olive green has proven to be a super trend on socials as of late,” explains Nailberry’s founder Sonia Hully

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3. Neon lights 

For 14 Day Mani’s nail expert Dian Mitchell, “Dominating colours are neons; pinks, yellows, greens, and oranges.” Expect to see plenty of vibrant neon hues this summer in a variety of ways. 

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4. Cobalt blue 

It was big in 2022, and it’s even bigger in 2023. Turns out, we all just can’t get enough of the bright blue hue. “It’s a colour that will always turn heads,” says Iram. Given its links to feelings of calm and stability, blue is increasingly popular among those tapping into manifestation. 

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5. Lavender and lilacs 

Coming into spring and summer, pastels are always going to be popular. But Ashleigh says that this year, we'll take it up a notch. Pastels like lavender and lilacs with a futuristic finish using chrome powders or iridescent top coats are going to be big news.

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6. Beautiful browns 

If you’re a minimalist, stick to earthy tones and shades of sophisticated brown. These can be elevated further with a simplistic nail art or worn on their with a super-glossy top coat. These shades are always popular as we transition into autumn/winter months too, so handy to have in your stash. 

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