Trust me, Gisou's new lip oils are the must-have make-up product for Spring/Summer and they're going to sell fast

Spoiler alert: I’m obsessed with them all

gisou lip oils review - three bottles of the lip oil
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It’s no secret that Gisou has caused a stir in the beauty world with its honey-infused range. The brand simply can’t seem to release a new product without it becoming an instant social media sensation. 

Case in point: Gisou’s original (and most iconic) product, the Honey Infused Hair Oil. As Marie Claire UK’s Junior Shopping Editor, I’ve tried a fair few hair oils in my time, and choose to use this thick-textured oil daily (it’s ideal for hydrating and refreshing the lengths of my hair between washes, you see). So naturally, whenever Gisou releases a new product, I get a little excited. My favourite new drop from the brand? The lip oils.

Lip oils have shot into popularity over the last few years - spearheaded by Dior’s cult Lip Glow and the iconic Clarins Lip Comfort Oil, with top brands like e.l.f., Beauty Pie and more quickly following suit and creating their own formulas.

So what actually is a lip oil? I see it as somewhere between a lip gloss and a lip balm; super hydrating but not at all sticky, and often finished with a subtle tint to add vibrancy to your make-up look without resorting to a full-coverage liquid lipstick. In short: it’s the ideal quick make-up fix to make you feel more put-together but not too ‘done up’.

The Gisou lip oils are among the most popular to shop, and the brand has just released not one but three new shades for summer, so of course, I had to try them out for myself… 

My review of the new Gisou lip oils

First things first, let’s talk about consistency. Like every Gisou product, these lip oils have been infused with Mirsalehi honey (from the brand founder's family's bee garden), which makes them incredibly nourishing - but not at all sticky or greasy. Each of the lip oils have impressive staying power, and still keep my lips hydrated, hours after the initial sheen has faded away or been blotted off.

valeza swatching the new gisou lip oils

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Each new oil comes in a different yet equally beautiful summer-friendly shade, which I’ll go into a bit more depth on soon. I’ve worn each of the lip oils alone in the pictures below, but it goes without saying that they look equally great over lipsticks and liners.

Strawberry Sorbet lip oil

gisou lip oil strawberry sorbet

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valeza wearing the gisou lip oil in strawberry sorbet

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Gisou Honey Infused Lip Oil - Strawberry Sorbet

First up: Strawberry Sorbet. This lip oil looks like a bright raspberry red in the tube, but the colour is surprisingly subtle on the lips - leaving a faint wash of red/pink, perfect for everyday wear.

I’m a huge fan of the strawberry scent, and it goes without saying that this shade looks great worn over red lipstick (hello Mob Wife aesthetic), but it also adds a lovely wash of colour on make-up-free days - my personal favourite way to wear it.

Mango Passion Punch

Mango Passion Punch lip oil

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valeza wearing Mango Passion Punch lip oil

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Gisou Honey Infused Lip Oil - Mango Passion Punch

For me, Mango Passion Punch is citrus central - the ideal summer scent, with notes of mango and passionfruit. It has a coral tint, which can be subtle or quite vivid, depending on how much you pack the product on.

I reckon this shade would really pop on medium to deep skin tones. This is the only one of these shades that I’d personally prefer to wear with a lip liner for more definition - it adds a beautiful shine and touch of vibrant colour to a nude lip. 

Watermelon Sugar

Watermelon Sugar lip oil

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valeza wearing Watermelon Sugar lip oil

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Gisou Honey Infused Lip Oil - Watermelon Sugar

I left my absolute favourite till last. Watermelon Sugar smells seriously nostalgic, like walking through my favourite childhood sweet shop, but that’s not the only reason I’m obsessed with this lip oil.

If you were a fan of the Golden Shimmer Glow lip oil that’s constantly selling out, you need to try Gisou’s newest glittery iteration, which features a gorgeous cool-toned pink shimmer, the antithesis of the original gold.

My preferred way to wear it is alone, for an impressive glossy finish, but it’ll also add a beautiful frosty sheen over your favourite pink lipstick. Yes, it’s glittery, but not aggressively so. It’s probably the lip oil I’ll reach for most day-to-day. 

Valeza Bakolli
Junior Shopping Editor

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