The best lip stains for colour that won’t budge

Long-lasting colour is a no-brainer

Sometimes in life, the best lipstick and the best lip gloss just don’t cut it. There are some occasions when you need long-lasting colour that won’t budge no matter what you throw at it – drinking, eating, even snogging. The best lip stains are the answer to all this.

I’m getting married in September and I am so bored of trawling through pictures of other people’s weddings on my Pinterest feed and the never ending galleries on and failing to find brave women who’ve gone for a bright lip. I suppose the fear lies in the lipstick ending up around the groom’s chin or accidentally getting a bit on a bright white sleeve. But still, I want to wear a red lip on my big day. I’ve read up on And I’ve realised that the best way for me to achieve this, without the supposed disasters, is to find myself the best lip stains the world has to offer.

You would be forgiven for thinking that lip stains and lip tints are the same thing, but friends you would be wrong. Let us enlighten you – a lip tint gives more of a wash of colour, whereas a lip stain looks and acts very much like your favourite lipstick, it packs a punch of colour, you just don’t have to top it up as often.

However, just like with the best lip tints, you should also prep your lips before applying your stain.

Pre-application tips:

Like all lip colours it’s important to have a good base. Central heating and windy weather conditions can leave our lips feeling dry and looking rough. Combat this by using a lip scrub such as Frank Body Lip Scrub, £9 Space NK or the Laura Gellar Lip Strip Smoothing Sugar Scrub, £13 Fabled.

Well here they are guys, I’ve done the research. I’ve trialed tonnes and these are by far the best lip stains on the market. So what are you waiting for…


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