Sorry Gen Z, the side parting is set to make a 2024 comeback and these looks prove it

A ‘00s classic

Side Partings
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In the ever-changing world of hair trends, it’s not uncommon for hairstyles of bygone eras to make a beauty comeback. This year alone we’ve seen the blunt '90s bob, the choppy ‘70s-inspired shag, and even the nostalgic ‘00s pouf enjoying a resurgence. Yet there’s one iconic millennial favourite that has been yet to claim its place in the spotlight until now—the humble side parting. We’re calling it though, with so much love for ‘00s beauty trends right now, this classic parting style will likely dominate 2024.

“Side partings have a timeless allure due to their versatility and ability to flatter a wide range of face shapes. They offer an elegant, slightly asymmetrical look that highlights the facial features beautifully,” explains celebrity hairstylist, Edward James. “Celebrities often embrace side partings on the red carpet as they can be adapted to suit both contemporary and classic styles, whether it’s Hollywood waves or a wet-look chic bob. A side parting transforms a simple hairstyle into something more polished with an intentional style statement.”

However, it’s no secret that side partings have come under rap in recent years with Gen Z taking to TikTok to declare the look dated. But, with beauty trends moving so fast right now and things like hair glitter, headbands and Juicy Couture tracksuits already back in the spotlight, it makes sense that side partings will have their comeback next year, 

So, how do we embrace the ‘00s hair trend without looking past it? “To avoid the side parting looking dated, it’s all about making sure the parting looks strong and defined, [while] combining it with texture,” says Edward. “Pairing a side part with textured waves or a sleek, straight style can make it feel current and dramatic, and it's also important to consider the hair's volume and how it frames the face.”

Personally, I think swapping to a side parting is a surefire way to refresh your hair look with no styling prowess needed and no trip to the salon required. And to prove it, I’ve rounded up the best side parting hairstyles out there to inspire your own parting switch-up.

9 of the very best side partings

1. French bob side parting

The combination of Hailey Bieber's soft French bob with the deep side parting means this look feels fresh and modern.

2. Sleek side parting

Laura Harrier's simple, slicked-back style is possibly the chicest side parting I've ever seen.

3. Side-parted ponytail

A side parting lends itself so well to an updo, as Kerry Washington proves with this elegant and ultra-long ponytail.

4. Barbiecore side parting

Turns out, Barbie is a real champion of the side parting with Margot Robbie stepping out in a lot of side-swept styles for the movie's press tour this summer. This mermaid wave look has to be my favourite.

5. Tousled side part

A middle parting might feel like the obvious choice for Jenna Coleman's pretty mid-length style, but switching to a side parting adds an unexpected edge to an everyday style.

6. Side-swept pixie crop

A petite side parting looks so stylish with Greta Lee's wet-look cropped cut.

7. Classic '00s side parting

From the poker-straight strands to the concave layers, everything about Brie Larson's style screams early '00s in the very best way. The side parting is just the cherry on top.

8. Hollywood side part

There's nothing that oozes glamour more than a voluminous blow-dry, bouncy waves and a deep side parting, as Kaia Gerber demonstrates. 

9. Barely-There Side Parting

If you're flirting with the idea of a side parting then make like Jodie Comer and try flipping your hair to one side for a softer finish, rather than a harshly defined part. It's effortlessly beautiful.

Best styling products for a side parting

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