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Everything you need to know about grey hair dye

Scientists have discovered a reason for grey hair, but that's not going to stop me embracing my salt and pepper locks...

Scientists have finally discovered why some of us get grey hair quicker than others – there’s a gene that controls it, named IRF4, which involves the pigment or melanin production.

In fact, 15% of Europeans have a version that means that melanin production stops more quickly than non-Europeans.

And although scientists are working on how to reverse this and create pills and products to stop us going grey more quickly, that’s not going to help me, and I don’t mind.

It had always been my intention to cheat a bit and speed up the greying process, and finally this year I decided the time had come to dye my hair grey. It really was a no-brainer that Bleach London would be the place to go; founded in 2010 at the back of Wah Nails in Dalston, it’s the go-to for dip-dye, rainbow hues and any-which-way bleach artistry.

Colourist Sharmaine explained the process would involve highlighting all my hair with their special bleach blend, followed with white toner and, after a sprinkle of her own special magic (unicorn dust?), I’d be silvery grey all over by the end of the afternoon.

grey hair

She was careful to explain the pros and cons. Pros: highlights meant I got to keep some of my own grey tones, which would add to the desired multi tonal grey I was after. Cons: a strict after care routine, for which they have a comprehensive array of products for.

After several toner washes, I was ready for the blow dry and I have to admit I actually cried tears of joy when I saw the results. I was the perfect shade of silvery grey platinum with just the subtlest hint of Bruised Violet.

Now, can we all just accept grey hair is good and – shock, horror – it can even be gorgeous.

grey hair

Grey hair tips for maintenance

1. Wash your hair every other day to prevent your ends getting too dry.

2. Only brush your hair when it’s completely dry and only comb hair when it’s wet and has conditioner in it. Hair is at it’s most brittle when wet.

3. Leave hair to dry naturally, you can create waves and shape by plaiting or twisting.

4. Your hair is as sensitive as your skin and requires an equal amount of protection from the sun. Try to use products containing a filter or sun protection for hair to lock in colour and prevent fade.

5. Try brightening up your wardrobe and change your makeup to a slightly yellow undertone to keep skin looking fresh with a healthy glow against the grey tones of your hair.

It’s about time we all embraced grey hair…

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